Home Report Nissan Crossing at Ginza! 

Nissan Crossing at Ginza! 

Nissan Crossing at Ginza! 
You’ll find today’s main vehicle, Formula E, once you get in the first floor! 

How to go

Where is Nissan Crossing?

In the middle of Tokyo’s fanciest town, Ginza, you can easily find this Nissan Crossing. It is a showroom of the famous Japanese motor company, Nissan which exhibits its concept vehicles. Nissan Crossing also has a cafe and a merchandise store which are enjoyable for both who love vehicles and who are not into it! 



What is Formula E?

Have you ever heard about Formula E? Formula E is the world’s highest race series ran by electronic vehicles (EV). It is getting popular every year and gathering lots of attentions which can be said the hottest category! Machine’s power is upgraded based on a popularity vote by SNS, vehicles speed up when they run a specified area… it is totally like a world of Mario Kart Race! Races get very excited utilizing most advanced technologies. In 2019, Formula E races were held in 12 cities in the world! 




I came to this Nissan Crossing because Formula E’s vehicle was specially exhibited for only a week! I made it on the last day.

Nissan Crossing is located at the best district of Ginza.
This is the building! It is easy to recognize that many people always stop and look at an exhibit. This building has Nissan’s showroom, Sony’s image gallery, and various restaurants.
First, this concept car jumped into my eyes!
The name is “Nissan ARIYA Concept,” which is the Nissan’s future model utilizing highest technologies. Exhibited car changes frequently so you can visit more than only one time!
You’ll find today’s main vehicle, Formula E, once you get in the first floor!
Design of 2019 Nissan’s machine has become new which is red and black! I see a lot of red and black colored race car recently. This motif is Japan’s Kimono.
Even the shape of vehicle is the same for all the teams, software and inverter differ among them.
Michelin tires are used for all the cars.
Did you know that Formula E’s opening game is held at Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah?
This is LEAF, an electic vehicle. Now is the era of EV!
This vehicle was very cool too!




We can’t take our eyes off Formula E’s new season! Even this formula E’s exhibition was temporal, Nissan Crossing always exhibit attractive vehicles that draw attention in Ginza. We highly recommend you to visit here when you’re in Tokyo!