Akihabara, also called Akiba or Akihabara Electric Town, is a famous town lined with many electronic appliance shops and Japanese subculture stores including anime, manga, and gaming. Akihabara has been filled with electronic stores after the Second World War. About 500 stores of electrical items are lined up today and prices of products sold here are quite lower than regular prices. Akihabara has been a mecca for Japanese subcultures more recently. Akihabara has maid cafe, anime stores, a Japanese idol theatre, and more which tells that here is a paradise for Otaku (geeks)! Akihabara is rich in special culture and atmosphere.

Where is Akihabara

  • Tokyo’s exciting ‘Electric Town,’ Akihabara!
  • A mecca for Japanese subcultures!
  • A town filled with unique stores and spots!

Akihabara is about electronic stores!

Akihabara, also called Akihabara Electric Town, is literally filled with many electronic stores. Those various stores from small shops to leading chain stores create Akihabara’s unique atmosphere. Many high quality and well designed electronic appliances are sold with a good price! 30 million people visit home appliances stores in Akihabara annually and the annual sales amount of electronic products in Akihabara accounts for approximately 9% of Japan’s total sales amount of them.

Akky, a popular tax free shop, has 3 branches in Akihabara. Each store sells various products from home appliances, computers, beauty items, watches, to souvenirs, and more! As products here can be used overseas, stores are always crowded with many international visitors! A foreign exchange machine is available at Akky One.
A popular tax free store in Akihabara!
Sofmap, a leading home appliance store, has 5 branches in Akihabara. As it is Akihabara, many anime-related items are also sold at Sofmap! Each store deals with one type of product, that are mobile phones, computers, Mac goods, anime products, and second hand items. Sofmap Computer Branch has e Sports Studio AKIBA on the 2nd floor which is a very popular spot!
Akihabara has 5 Sofmap stores!
Laox is a famous duty free store and its Akihabara main store is always filled with international visitors! It sells about 70,000 products of latest TVs, cameras, phones, beauty items, souvenirs, and more! As many international visitors enjoy shopping here, a foreign currency exchange machine and JNTO Tourist Information Desk are also available.
One of the largest duty free stores in Japan!
Yamada Denki LABI Akihabara is a large home appliance store located in front of Akihabara station. It specializes in computer products and computer-related items yet beauty products, mobile devices, and daily necessities are also sold here. Various products are lined up from the 1st basement floor to the 5th floor!
Yamada Denki LABI, a leading home appliance store!
Yodobashi Camera is a leading home appliance store and Akihabara branch is one of the biggest stores! Various products from TVs, cameras, phones, toys, to musical instruments and more are lined up from the 1st to the 6th floor. Many products which can be used at overseas voltage standards are also sold. About 30 restaurants are located on the 8th floor.
Yodobashi, a leading home appliance store in Akihabara!
Dospara Akihabara main store specializes in computers and computer-related items. It also sells wide variety of gaming computers, used computers and monitors. As you can try products, it is one of the best places in Akihabara to look for your computer!
A computer speciality store!

Akihabara, a mecca for Japanese subcultures!

Akihabara is also famous as the Otaku (geeks) mecca and has its own special atmosphere. It is a must visit town for those who love Japanese anime and games! Akihabara is lined with many anime-related stores, maid cafe, and an idol theater. Be exposed to Japanese subcultures at Akihabara!

One of the most popular idol groups in Japan is AKB48, which stands for AKihaBara. The group was born here in Akihabara in 2005 and has its own theater under the concept of “idols you can meet.” AKB48 theater is located on the 8th floor of Don Quijote Akihabara building. Tickets for performances can be purchased in advance or at the theater.
Japan’s top idol girl group was born in Akihabara!
Akihabara Absolute Area is a popular maid cafe and has 4 different branches in Akihabara. Each store has different concepts; Akihabara Absolute Area is “Otaku x Kawaii,” Akihabara Absolute Area A.D.1912 is “Classic x Chaos,” Akihabara Absolute Area +e is “2.5 dimensions x Cyber World,” and Akihabara Absolute Area A.D. 2045 is “Cyberpunk x Kawaii.” Cute maids work as waiters and chant magic to the food and drinks with you!
Akihabara’s photogenic and cute maid cafe!
GUNDAM Café is an entertaining cafe where you can enjoy the world of Gundam, a famous Japanese anime character. Every detail here is related to Gundam from interiors, food, to drinks. Special Gundam goods are also available. Tokyo has 2 Gundam cafe and another one is located in Odaiba.
Mandarake is one of the largest anime and manga related stores in Japan. It has 2 branches in Akihabara, Mandarake Complex and Mandarake Cocoo. Mandarake Complex is filled with anime and manga related figures, cards, toys, CDs, and more on all the 8 floors! Mandarake Cocoo specializes in soft vinyl dolls and figures.
A famous store specializing in anime and manga related products!
Animate is a very famous and the biggest animation store brand in Japan that many international anime fans visit the stores. From the 1st to 7th floor, Animate Akihabara is packed with tremendous anime related products. Here you would find Akihabara souvenirs, games, manga, figures, CDs and more.
A large anime related store in Akihabara!
Akihabara Radio Kaikan has been the landmark of Akihabara since 1950. The 3 year renovation was completed in 2014. Stores of manga, anime figures, toys, audio devices, and idol goods are lined up from the 1st to the 10th floor. A restaurant is located on the 1st basement floor. Here you can enjoy more than 30 stores unique to Akihabara.
Akihabara’s popular shopping mall!
Super Potato Akihabara Store filled with nostalgic and chaotic atmosphere specializes in retro games and retro games related items. Various products including Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy are sold on the 3rd and the 4th floor. Here you can also enjoy playing retro games at the game arcade on the 5th floor.
A retro game heaven in Akihabara!
Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan is a mecca of capsule toys called Gachapon in Japanese. Here you can find about 450 machines and about 50 new toys arrive every month. From popular capsule toys to rare ones, the store may have everything you’d need.
Largest capsule toys store in Japan!
Akihabara Gamers Main store is a large anime store filled with anime related items. Manga, figures, cards, CDs, games, and more are lined up on the 7 floors. Akihabara souvenirs are also sold. Immerse yourself in the Japanese anime culture here in Akihabara, an Otaku town.
A store filled with anime related products!
SEGA Akihabara is a large amusement arcade, what Japanese call Game Center. SEGA Akihabara has 6 stores only in Akihabara! Here you can enjoy various games from UFO catchers (claw cranes), PURIKURA (high technological photo booths), to VR games and more.
A popular amusement arcade in Akihabara!
Busou Shoten in Akihabara is a popular weapons and armor store. It is like a weapon shop in RPG games. This heaven for weapon geeks and cosplayers sell only replicas. Here you can find many weapons from anime, manga, and games as well.
An exciting store of weapons and armor!

Akihabara, a town rich in culture, is also packed with unique stores and spots!

Akihabara is not only the town of home appliances and Japanese anime. This energetic town is filled with unique and interesting spots. Here you can enjoy artworks and shopping at markets as well. Akihabara is surely rich in culture and shows many faces to you.

Akihabara Crossfield is a big commercial complex consists of 2 buildings, Akihabara Daibiru and Akihabara UDX. Restaurants and cafes are lined up on the lower floors and upper floors of both buildings are offices. Akihabara UDX also has a high technological theater room and Akiba Info, a tourist information center.
A large commercial complex in Akihabara!
Don Quijote Akihabara, a tax free shop, is packed with tremendous products. Don Quijote’s ad slogan is ‘surprisingly cheap hall of fame.’ Here you can get anything cheap from foods, toys, cosmetics, high brand products, clothes, party goods, to Tokyo souvenirs, and more. The store is always crowded with many international visitors!
A large tax free store in Akihabara!
Thanko is an unique manufacturer creating interesting and “a little” useful products! Its main store is located in Akihabara and many interesting items are sold including warm slippers which can be charged with USB. You may find special souvenirs unique to this store!
A store dealing with unique items!
CHABARA AKI-OKA MARCHE is a market dealing with food from all over Japan. Former Kanda fruit and vegetable market was reborn to this CHABARA in 2013. CHABARA’s concept is to spread the wonders of Japanese cuisine and culture. Even in Akihabara, you can find delicious food from all over Japan.
A market filled with Japanese products!
AKIBAKART is the first rental mini cart store in Japan. It is a very popular attraction recently and you may see a lot in Tokyo. With your driver’s license, you can enjoy solo drive without a helmet. This is a special way to see around Akihabara!
Go-Kart from Akihabara!
BLISTER comics is one of the most popular stores specializing in American comic books. The store on the 3rd floor is packed with American comics and figures.
A speciality store for American comics!