Shinjuku is a town always energetic with many people from all over the world! Shinjuku station was awarded a Guinness Record for the largest number of daily passengers using the station in 2016. It is literally the most populous station in the world! Streets are lined with department stores, luxury brand shops, and leading electronic stores. It is easy to imagine that Shinjuku is a great place to enjoy shopping. Once you walk a little way, you would find a business town with skyscrapers and a large park with lush greenery. As Shinjuku shows many faces, don’t miss any of them!

Where is Shinjuku

  • One of the largest cities in Tokyo and Japan!
  • The busiest station in the world!
  • Japan’s most energetic downtown!

Shinjuku, a shopping paradise lined with department stores!

Shinjuku is about shopping! Japanese department stores that have high-end shops and delicious ‘depachika’ food floor stand around the station. Shinjuku, an enchanting town for shopping lovers, also has luxury brand shops facing the street and leading appliance stores!

BICQLO is a big shopping complex 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station East Exit. As the name shows, it is a collaboration store of Bic Camera, a home appliance speciality store and UNIQLO, a fashion store. The messy atmosphere of both stores is loved by many people and surely is one of the must-visit store in Shinjuku!

Bic Camera × UNIQLO=?!

BicCamera Shinjuku West is a leading home appliance store 3 minutes away from Shinjuku station West Exit. It is located in the Odakyu HALC building. Shinjuku has lots of leading appliance stores selling anything from latest TVs, cameras, phones, to toys, and more! The price competition among them allows us to buy good products at good price! It is a duty free store.

BicCamera, a leading home appliance store in Shinjuku!

Yodobashi Camera is a leading home appliance store and its main store is located in Shinjuku Denkigai or Shinjuku Electric Street at Shinjuku station West Exit! Shinjuku has lots of leading appliance stores selling anything from latest TVs, cameras, phones, to toys, and more! The price competition among home appliance stores allows us to buy good products at good price! It is a duty free store so definitely a recommended shopping spot!

Yodobashi, a leading home appliance store in Shinjuku!

Yamada Denki LABI is a leading home appliance store 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station East Exit! Shinjuku has lots of leading appliance stores selling anything from latest TVs, cameras, phones, to toys, and more! The price competition among home appliance stores allows us to buy good products at good price! It is a duty free store so definitely a recommended shopping spot!

Yamada Denki LABI, a leading home appliance store in Shinjuku!

The famous department store, Isetan Shinjuku, is the symbol of Shinjuku. It has a very long history since 1933 and its profound front door is very unique. Many luxurious shops are lined up at this high-end department store. It also has Isetan Men’s right next to the main store where is specified in Men’s products.

The best department store with a long history in Shinjuku!

The large department store, Shinjuku Takashimaya is located right next to the Shinjuku station New South Exit. Luxury brand shops are lined up on the lower floors and unique restaurants on the upper floors. What is more, Tokyu Hands, a popular Japanese variety store is located on the 2nd to the 8th floor. You can enjoy shopping for a whole day here!

A department store with a calm atmosphere at Shinjuku station New South Exit!

The department store connected to Shinjuku station West Exit is this Odakyu department store. Luxury brand shops, watch and jewelry stores, food shops, and restaurants are lined up from the 2nd basement floor to the 14th floor. At the exhibition hall on the 11th floor, various events of local specialities throughout Japan are held. It is very popular and one of the highlights at the Odakyu department store!

A large department store directly connected to Shinjuku station West Gate!

Keio department store Shinjuku is located at the Shinjuku West Exit right next to the Odakyu department store. Keio department store has affordable stores comparing to the other department stores in Shinjuku.

A symbolic department store at Shinjuku West Exit!

Don Quijote Shinjuku Kabukicho store is packed with tremendous products! Don Quijote’s ad slogan is ‘surprisingly cheap hall of fame.’ You can get anything cheap (DUTY FREE for foreigners!) from foods, toys, cosmetics, high brand products, clothes, party goods, to Tokyo souvenirs, and more.

Everything you’d need

NEWoMan, a shopping complex opened in 2016, is directly connected to Shinjuku station New South Exit and Busta Shinjuku. More than 100 stores are lined up from fashion, novelty items, sweets, to restaurants at this sophisticated complex. At the rooftop garden, you can have a relaxing time with greenery.

A refined shopping complex at Shinjuku New South Exit!

LUMINE Shinjuku is a shopping complex directly connected to Shinjuku station. Branches of LUMINE are spread in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama prefecture and Shinjuku has 3 stores, LUMINE 1, LUMINE 2, and LUMINE EST. LUMINE 1 and 2 are located at South Exit and LUMINE EST is at East Exit of Shinjuku station. As various stores and restaurants are lined up, all generations can enjoy!

Best place for young people and families to enjoy shopping and meals!

A city that never sleeps! A popular downtown around Shinjuku station!

Shinjuku is literally always filled with lights. The town never sleeps. Kabukicho at eastern Shinjuku is the biggest entertainment district in Japan! As many Izakaya (Japanese drinking pubs), local standing bars, and shopping complexes are located around the station, the town is crowded with many people every time.

Most energetic and colorful area at Shinjuku is Kabukicho. Kabukicho is one of the brightest towns in Japan lined with various stores, restaurants, and izakaya (Japanese drinking pubs). Kabukicho is a famous spot for hostess bars and male host bars as well. The famous Godzilla monument is also located here. Many people enjoy drinking at Kabukicho filled with countless lights at night!

A town that never sleeps!

Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho or Shinjuku’s Memory Lane is a back alley close by Shinjuku station West Exit. Omoide Yokocho stands out in the huge city, Shinjuku because of its special atmosphere from decades ago. Very unique and delicious drinking stores are lined up in the narrow street! Great place to enjoy its peculiar atmosphere by drinking nice alcohols and eating local dishes.

A friendly and traditional Japanese drinking street!

TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku in Kabukicho has a huge monument of the famous Godzilla. It is one of the best and biggest movie theaters in Japan using newest technologies. Since the opening of TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku in 2015, Kabukicho has become more lively. Hotel Gracery is located on the higher floors of the movie theater.

One of the biggest movie theaters in Japan with a Godzilla monument!

Shinjuku Denikigai or Shinjuku Electric Street located near Shinjuku station West Exit is a very famous area lined with home appliance stores! Even the area is not as large as Akihabara, an electric town, Shinjuku Denkigai has many stores in a small area. You may find anything related to electronics at this great place to enjoy shopping!

An electric street at Shinjuku station West Exit!

Shinjuku Golden-Gai in Shinjuku Kabukicho is lined with more than 250 old and new izakaya, Japanese drinking pubs and bars. Wooden buildings built right after the Second World War are lined up at the narrow alley! Its traditional and local atmosphere is very unique. Shinjuku Golden-Gai is also famous as the place where Japanese journalists and writers drink often. The street is safe that women can of course visit at night!

An unique drinking street in Shinjuku!

Robot Restaurant where you can enjoy entertaining robot shows first got attentions from foreigners and not Japanese. Foreign celebrities and artists frequently visit here for an unusual experience. Total cost to build here was JPY 10 billion! The sparkling theater using latest technologies shows unique robot performances! It sells Japanese bento box and sushi to enjoy with the show!

A popular robot show in Shinjuku!

Everything of samurai is waiting you here. Samurais’ Japanese swords, armors, and helmets are exhibited with explanations. The museum holds a free group tour every 10~20 minutes so you can get deeper information. You can also enjoy a Tate (killing battle) show, a Samurai calligraphy lesson, a Japanese traditional instruments show here. Check the details and don’t forget to reserve in advance online. Visit and feel Japanese Samurai spirit!

A museum where you can learn all about Samurai!

A symbolic building and a greenery park in the middle of Tokyo!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the heart of Tokyo, Japan is proudly located at western Shinjuku. Even Shinjuku has skyscrapers and is always crowded with many people, there is a lot of greenery, museums, and shrines too. Enjoy a peaceful moment at the urban oasis in Tokyo!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government playing a significant role to govern the metropolis Tokyo, is located in western Shinjuku. It is a high building with an outstanding appearance of two large pillars. You can enter the indoor observatory for free on the 45th floor, 200 meters in height! Beautiful Tokyo views welcome you here! There are the first government building and the second government building. The first government building has the free indoor observatory.

The heart of the huge city, Tokyo!

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was constructed in 1906 as an imperial garden. The size is 58.3 hectare and is one of the most important gardens from the Meiji period (1868~1912). It consists of three types of garden, a Formal Garden, a Landscape Garden, and a traditional Japanese Garden. It is a popular spot for cherry blossoms and autumn foliage as well! You can enjoy Matcha green tea with a beautiful view here!

One of the historical and important gardens!

As Shinjuku Central Park, an oasis of Tokyo, is located in the middle of western Shinjuku business areas, it is surrounded by skyscrapers. The area of the park is about 88,000 square meter. The park has lush greenery that makes here the best place to take a rest! Water play in summer is very popular among children here.

An oasis surrounded by skyscrapers in Shinjuku!

Busta Shinjuku is a huge bus terminal at Shinjuku station South Exit opened in 2016. It is mainly used as a terminal of expressway buses. Transportation terminals are located from the 2nd to the 4th floor and a taxi stand is on the 3rd floor. Busta Shinjuku is directly connected to NEWoMan, a shopping complex and Shinjuku Takashimaya, a department store.

Shinjuku’s largest expressway bus terminal!
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art is 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station. It is famous as the only museum in Asia that permanently exhibits one of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. You can also enjoy artworks of Seiji Togo, a Japanese artist of western art, Paul Gauguin, and Paul Cezanne.
The only museum in Asia that permanently displays Van Gogh’s sunflowers!

Hanazono Shrine is magnificently standing in the town of Shinjuku. It is said that this shrine has watched over the development of Shinjuku from 400 years ago. The red shrine is very vivid in the middle of Shinjuku. On the days of roosters (Tori-no-hi) in every November, matsuri (festival) is held and attracts many people!

A historical shrine supported the development of Shinjuku!

Areas around Shinjuku are also popular sights!

Shinjuku is surrounded by recommendable sightseeing spots besides the main area around Shinjuku station! Shin Okubo, the Korean town where you can enjoy Korean foods and K-POP stores, is only one stop from Shinjuku station. Takdanobaba, two stations from Shinjuku is where Waseda University is located. Waseda University is one of the best universities in Japan and Takadanobaba is a town filled with students!

Waseda University is one of the most famous private universities in Japan founded by Mr. Okuma Shigenobu in 1882. Waseda campus, the historical main campus, is located at Shinjuku-ward and has lush greenery. As everybody can enter the campus and the student cafeteria, it is a great place to feel the Japanese student culture!

Most famous private and prestigious university in Japan!

Takadanobaba is located 2 stations away from Shinjuku station by JR Yamanote Line. The town flourishes with lots of students thanks to nearby Waseda University. The town has affordable delicious restaurants and entertainment facilities. Takadanobaba is also famous as the town where Mr. Tezuka Osamu, a Manga artist who created Astro Boy and Black Jack, lived. At Takadanobaba station of JR Yamanote line, Astro Boy’s theme music is used for the departure and the arrival melody.

A town that is always filled with Waseda University students

Korean Town, located at Shin Okubo station, is about 15 minutes walk away and 1 station away from Shinjuku station. You can enjoy Korean culture here while you’re in Japan. Anything related to Korea can be found such as Korean cuisine, Korean cosmetics, K-POP, and more!

Where you can enjoy Korean foods and products in Tokyo!

Nakano located just one stop from Shinjuku station is a popular town filled with Japanese subcultures and shopping spots! It has many Japanese animations and manga stores, a large shopping arcade and a street filled with stylish bars! Nakano is a great town to feel a local Japanese atmosphere and enjoy shopping as the locals!

An unique town filled with Japanese subcultures!
Kagurazaka about 20 minutes train ride from Shinjuku station is one of the most interesting towns in Tokyo. It used to be an entertainment district with Geisha houses in the Edo period. Once you walk a little way from the Main Street, you would get lost in the small backstreets filled with traditional atmosphere. Today, Kagurazaka is a comfortable town lined with fashionable stores, cafe, French restaurants, and shrines.
A town with a traditional atmosphere!