Shinagawa is a station of Shinkansen (bullet train) and also directly connected to Haneda Airport by train. It is easy to access from/to central Tokyo. Since lots of offices are located in Shinagawa, you’ll see a number of business men at Shinagawa. In the morning, trains and Shinagawa station are super crowded and at night, many business men gather for drinking. It is surely a lively town in Tokyo to see local Japanese! Shinagawa also has tourist attractions so don’t miss those too.

Where is Shinagawa

  • Shinagawa station, the center of transportation as Tokyo station!
  • One of the largest business towns in Tokyo!
  • A bay area near the Tokyo Bay!

Have fun at Shinagawa, a transportation hub!

Since many trains including Shinkansen (bullet trains) stop at Shinagawa station, Shinagawa is famous as the place to change trains or as the large business town. Yet, it has many spots to enjoy! Below are the recommendable spots around Shinagawa station, an area that is currently under redevelopment and becoming more convenient every year!

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is a futuristic aquarium in Shinagawa using high technological lights, sounds, and videos for the display. Highly entertaining events such as a collaboration of dolphin shows and projection mapping are held. This new concept of aquarium is very popular among all generations! You can also enjoy 2 attractions, the port of pirates, a dynamic attraction and the dolphin party, a merry-go-round here.
“Neo-futuristic and photogenic aquarium in Shinagawa!”
Atre Shinagawa is a very popular facility with fashionable cafe, restaurants, and stores! Several international meals are available so you would have many options here.  As Shinkansen (bullet trains) stop at Shinagawa station, lots of people rest at  Atre Shinagawa until their departure. The calm atmosphere here is recommendable to visit.
Ecute Shinagawa is a shopping complex inside the Shinagawa station’s ticket gate. Once you enter the ticket gate, you would easily notice. It has about 50 stores of pastries, snacks, to stationeries. Ecute Shinagawa would be a great spot to enjoy shopping before or after using trains!


Tokyo has 10 special shrines selected by the Meiji Emperor. He sent imperial messengers to those shrines to hope for a national protection. As Shinagawa Jinja shrine was selected in 1868 by the Meiji Emperor, many Japanese still visit the shrine. It also has a small fountain called ‘Ichiryumanbai’ that is believed to be lucky with money. You may see visitors who wash their coins at this fountain water!

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art opened in 1979 is a popular museum in Shinagawa. Mr. Kunizo Hara, a famous Japanese businessman, used to live at this museum’s building and his grandson opened as a museum to the public. Many art lovers visit here to see temporal exhibitions. Hara Museum Arc, which is a sister museum of Hara Museum, is located at Gunma prefecture. In 2020 December, Hara Museum in Tokyo will be transferred to this Hara Museum Arc.

Nikon museum opened in 2015 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Nikon company. It has 12 areas exhibiting Nikon’s products where you can take a look at about 400 camera lenses and other high technological items! What makes here special is that you can enter for free to enjoy the whole Nikon history. Must visit spot for camera lovers!

Shinagawa area has lots of recommendable spots!

As many lines run through Shinagawa station, areas you can easily access from Shinagawa have recommendable spots as well! Shinagawa Aquarium at Omori Kaigan station is very popular among families since its opening. Togoshi Ginza shopping arcade, a historical local shopping arcade always filled with many people and Tennozu Isle, a beautiful town by the Tokyo Bay are also nice places to have fun!

Shinagawa Aquarium opened in 1991 and the number of visitors became 1 million just in 6 months. The number shows how this aquarium is popular. The aquarium has about 25 areas for displays that you can observe cute fishes to powerful sharks! Shows of penguins, dolphins, and sea lions are very popular events. Some people visit here just for the restaurant, ‘dolphin’ and an aquarium store, ‘seagull.’
“One of the biggest aquariums in Tokyo!”
Sengakuji Temple is a famous Buddhist temple following Soto Zen school. It was built near the Edo Castle in 1612 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan. The temple was renovated at the current location after 30 years because it burned down. Sengakuji Temple is very famous as the temple that the graves of Ako Gishi, the real story of avenge and loyalty in 1703, are located.
“One of the three principle temples during the Edo period and the temple related to Ako Gishi!”
Tennozu Isle is a mixture of business and residential town located near Shinagawa. It is also close to Haneda Airport. Tennozu Isle has public artworks and lovely restaurants by the Tokyo bay. One of the most famous restaurants is TY Harbor where you can enjoy brewed beers and delicious hamburgers. It would be great to walk around this photogenic town!
“A photogenic town near Shinagawa!”
As Togoshi Ginza Shotengai is the Tokyo’s longest shopping arcade, you can enjoy lots of delicious local foods here. The street is 1.3 kilometers long and is lined with about 400 stores. It is located near Shinagawa and is famous place to eat around from Taiyaki, rice balls, to Karaage and beers. It is the best place to learn and eat Japanese local dishes! This arcade also has a small public bathing facility where you can experience Japanese public bathing culture.
“The longest shopping arcade in Tokyo!”