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Staying at luxurious hotels must be on everyone’s bucket list. I stayed at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, one of the 5 star hotels in Tokyo and this page would be a brief report of it. Grand Hyatt Tokyo was very comfortable and the staff were brilliant!

Grand Hyatt Tokyo is located in Roppongi, one of the fanciest towns in Tokyo. The hotel is connected to Roppongi Hills, a skyscraper complex, which tells you the hotel is literally in the middle of Roppongi.
Check-in at this front desk. Multinational staff were there to offer multilingual support.
My dream of staying at a 5 star hotel just came true! I entered the room at about 15:00pm so the sunlight still shined through the window. The light and the white color of the room beautifully matched. The room size is 42 sqm.
This is the spacious bath with a glass door!
The washroom has so much space! You can watch TV while bathing.
The bedroom’s large screen TV is made by SHARP.
Open the blinds… and you can enjoy the view of Tokyo. Even I stayed on 6th floor which was not on a higher floor, I enjoyed the view of Keyakizaka Hill, the symbol of Roppongi!
Several tea flavors are available!
Of course Nespresso’s coffeemaker is equipped.
You can call the front desk, concierge and for other services by this phone. What is more, variety of electrical outlets are available which is very helpful.
These items such as hair brush, hand soap, baby shampoo, and more are available anytime. You can ask the hotel staff and they will bring it to your room! (English menus are of course prepared.)
Grand Hyatt Tokyo is directly connected with Roppongi Hills which is very convenient.
This time I chose to eat at ‘barbaccoa’ a churrasco restaurant in the Roppongi Hills.
All-you-can-eat churrasco & salads for JPY 5,400!
The stylish restaurant was bustling with many people.
This is the salad bar you can eat as much as you want within 2 hours.
Start making a toast with beer!
As churrasco means ‘grilled meat’ in Portuguese, this restaurant serves many parts of grilled meat! Waiters bring freshly grilled meats so you can ask waiters what you want to have. Then waiters cut the meat in front of you.
This is a pepper steak. It was the best combination.
As waiters bring new meats one after another quite quickly, I ate at a high pace to enjoy all of them…!
This is a classic dish here, grilled pineapples! The sweetness of pineapples was great after eating salty meats.
After enjoyed the churrasco dinner, I came back to the room. Surprisingly, the room was cleaned up in this short time! It made me feel I checked in again. New bottled water and glasses were prepared on the nightstands.
The venue was the Grand Ballroom on the 3rd floor! The admission fee was JPY 14,000 per person for this exclusive disco party.
This is the disco party! Many people were enjoying dancing.
We had all-you-can-drink soft drinks and alcohols such as beers, wines, champaign, and whiskey.
These buffet snacks were offered as well.
The beautiful and photogenic ceiling was colorfully shining!
The party started at 19:30pm and ended at 12:00am. It was a blast! I had an amazing night.
After the exciting party, I came back to the room and decided to order room service. It took only about 25 minutes for the staff to deliver the meal. I chose rice ball (onigiri) and boiled rice in tea (ochazuke) as I wanted to eat Japanese food.
It costed JPY 4,000 in total which was more than I thought but enjoyed the delicious meal!
I slept very well and enjoyed the morning buffet at the French restaurant. It was really rich in variety. Meals, fruits, drinks, and more…!
This is where the chef cooks in front of you. I ordered omelette and french toast.
They had various types of breads!
Yakult, a probiotic drink, and yogurts!
They also had cheese and dried fruits.
This is what I got. It tasted very well!
Finished off my breakfast with these fruits and Yakult.
Following a little break, I went to the hotel’s gym to have exercise.
Hotel guests can use the gym for free. However, it costs JPY 4,000 per person to use lockers, sauna, and the bath.




I fully enjoyed the stay at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo from 15:00pm to the next day 12:00pm, the check out time. Even it costs about JPY 100,000 per night, they are offering a great service. It is a very recommendable 5 star hotel you’ll be completely satisfied!