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What is Onsen

Onsen means hot spring in Japanese. In Japan, just call ‘onsen’ so everybody will understand. Japan has many areas where you can enjoy hot springs thanks to the volcanic activities. Onsen makes our body relaxed and improve the overall health. Body becomes warm quickly so don’t take too much time bathing. It is said that you may be a bit dizzy and tired if you bathe more than 20-30 minutes. Japanese loves to take bath and usually onsen is public bath divided into the spaces for men and women. We strongly recommend that try onsen and experience one of the best Japanese culture!

*Usually people who has tattoos are strongly prohibited to bathe because of the Japanese history (Japanese who has tattoos were mainly gangsters in the past. It has been changing recently but some onsen place still does not allow who has tattoos to bathe). Some places offer sticker to hide the tattoos so if you want that ask the staffs.




  1. Onsen is not allowed to wear swimwear. You need to be naked to get in.
  2. Please drink a cup of water before and after bathing. Your body can be dehydrated because of onsen.
  3. Usually we wash our body and hair first and then bathe. If you don’t want to wash your body, please pour hot water on your body 3~5 times and bathe.
  4. We usually bring small towels to Onsen to hide our body. Please don’t soak the towels in the bath so the bath tub clean can be kept clean.
  5. Don’t jump into the Onsen and don’t swim.
  6. Don’t wash your body while you’re bathing.
  7. Don’t wash your clothings at the public bath.
  8. After bathing, please wipe you down before entering the changing room.
  9. Please follow the etiquettes and enjoy the special time!