Roppongi area is known as fancy town for adults. It takes about 10 min drive or 15 min by train to get to Roppongi from Akasaka. Since there are museums, shopping spots, movie theatre, and restaurants, it is a popular dating place in Tokyo. Roppongi/Akasaka area is famous for its 5 star hotels properties too, there are Grand Hyatt Tokyo, The Ritz Carlton Tokyo, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu…etc. Luxury high brand shops line up the streets with some public art works and walking those streets lifts you up! In Spring, cherry blossoms beautifully decorate the Keyakizaka street and in winter, lovely illuminations light up the town. Don’t miss the night scenery from Roppongi sky deck too!

Where is Roppongi

  • Tokyo Tower, the symbol of Tokyo!
  • One of the fanciest cities in Japan!
  • The city of culture and art!

Tokyo‘s landmark! Tokyo Tower!

Tokyo Tower, the bold red and white colored tower, is surely the symbol of Tokyo. It was built in 1958 as the tallest structure in the world. The height is 333 meters which is higher than Eiffel Tower in Paris. Even the function of a radio tower transferred to Tokyo Skytree which is higher than Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Tower is still loved by many people and is the popular tourist attraction. Please also enjoy marvelous landscapes of Tokyo from the observatory!

Tokyo tower, being Tokyo’s symbol for a long time, opened on December 23rd, 1958 as a radio tower. The height is 333 meters and it was the highest tower then, higher than Eiffel Tower in Paris. The function of a radio tower transferred to the Tokyo Skytree in 2011 but the red and white tower is still loved by many people. You can of course enjoy watching the landscapes of Tokyo at the observatory. On Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, outer stairways are open. You can climb 600 steps to the main deck!
“Tokyo’s landmark. The one and only red tower in Tokyo!”

Major spots in Roppongi, the fanciest city in Tokyo!

Roppongi has various landmarks of Tokyo including Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown! Roppongi is known as the gorgeous city lined with offices of leading companies and high brand shops. You can enjoy a modest luxury of shopping and delicious gourmet here! Roppongi also has spots with lush greenery.

Roppongi Hills is surely the symbol of Roppongi. Mori art museum, the sky deck observatory, shopping spots, a movie theatre, fancy restaurants…. you can find anything here. Maman, a famous street art of a huge spider, is also located here. You can also relax at Mohri garden, a cozy Japanese garden at the middle of this metropolis. Roppongi Hills shows many faces to you.
“The symbol of Roppongi!”
Keyakizaka Hill Street is famous for the beautiful cherry blossom trees in spring and for the Christmas lights/decorations in winter. Beautiful scenery with Tokyo tower in the back awaits you here!
“Many young Japanese wish to visit here once in a lifetime!”
Tokyo Midtown, a large complex, has about 130 shops and restaurants. Tokyo Midtown is also surrounded by unique artworks including public arts and museums. Suntory Museum of Art and 21_21 Design Sight are very popular museums here.
“A large complex in Roppongi with many attractions!”
Tokyo City View is located on the 52nd floor of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. You can enjoy spectacular Tokyo views at both day and night and you may see Mt Fuji if the weather permits. Please also try the Sky Deck, an outdoor area, on the roof top floor by paying extra fee. The beautiful sky in the middle of Tokyo is marvelous.
“The best place to enjoy the magnificent Tokyo view!”
TV Asahi is one of the largest TV stations in Japan. Channel 5 in Japan is usually broadcasted by TV Asahi. This TV Asahi’s head office is located at Roppongi. Guests can enter the first floor and enjoy some photo shoot spots for free. TV Asahi shop on the same floor has some special products only sold here!
“Channel 5’s TV programs are broadcasted by TV Asahi!”
Mohri Garden is located right next to the head office of TV Asahi. It has a long history since 1650 as the garden of Mohri Daimyo (Lord). You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and autumn leaves in fall at this garden. The sculpture of Golden Heart by the French artist, Jean-Michel Othoniel created in 2013 is very famous here.
“Beautiful Japanese garden in the middle of Roppongi!”

Enjoy various artworks in Roppongi, the elegant town!

Except for shopping and gourmet, Roppongi is also famous as the city filled with artworks! We would say art cities in Tokyo are Ueno and Roppongi. From very famous museums such as The National Art Center and Mori Art Museum to Japanese art culture museums are located in Roppongi. Please enjoy your day with beautiful artworks here!

Mori Art Museum is one of the best contemporary art museums in Tokyo opened in October, 2003. It is located on the top floor (53rd floor) of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower and focuses to be the museum where all the visitors can enjoy, get inspired, and experience the world of artworks.
“The symbolic museum of contemporary art in Roppongi!”
The National Art Center, Tokyo opened in 2007 has Japan’s largest exhibition spaces. The museum is always filled with diverse artworks and information. It only offers temporary exhibitions and does not have any permanent collections. The outstanding building of the National Art Center, Tokyo is designed by  Kisho Kurokawa, the famous Japanese architect.
“The Art Center with Japan’s largest exhibition spaces!”
Suntory Museum of Art displays temporary exhibitions under the theme of the Japanese beauty since its opening in 1961. The museum is designed by Kengo Kuma, the famous Japanese architect. It exhibits Japanese antiques, paintings, textiles, lacquers, ceramics and more.
“The museum in Tokyo Midtown exhibits the beauty of Japan!”