Ikebukuro has lots of shopping centers, restaurants, and anime stores. The number of people who visit Ikebukuro is high as Shinjuku and Shibuya. There are also an aquarium and a planetarium that families and couples come for. Some people visit Ikebukuro just for Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO. You can see how Japanese love animations! It is also one of the best places to enjoy fast fashion or local shoppings.

Where is Ikebukuro

  • Top 3 largest cities in Tokyo: Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro!
  • The gateway to Saitama prefecture!
  • The town filled with shopping complexes!

Sunshine city is the first commercial complex in Japan opened in 1978. The center of sunshine city is the Sunshine 60, the biggest building in Ikebukuro area. It has about 250 stores including the famous Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO. Other surrounding buildings are also the part of this sunshine city. Ikebukuro is full of entertainments!

Sunshine Aquarium opened in 1978 as the first city aquarium located on the higher floor of the building in Japan. At the outdoor area, there are penguins, pelicans, and sea lions. Various fishes are displayed at the indoor area. You can have a relaxing time at this “oasis in the sky” in Ikebukuro!

Cute sea creatures await you at this oasis in the sky!

Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo is located on the 2nd floor of Sunshine City Alpa building. It is the biggest Pokémon store in Japan that offers various Pokémon goods. You can get Pokémon dolls, Pokémon themed snacks, stationaries, clothes and more. It is a dreamland for Pokémon lovers!

The biggest Pokémon store in Japan!

At this observatory in sunshine city, you can enjoy the view of 251 meters above sea level. Of course, you can see Mt. Fuji and beautiful Tokyo views if the weather allows. Moreover, what makes here fun and popular is VR experiences! Few attractions including aerial swings are available.

Where you can enjoy beautiful views and VR activities!

J-WORLD TOKYO (a theme park for JUMP comics) was reborn to this MAZARIA in July, 2019. A totally new indoor theme park of anime and game! The concept is the world where you can have fun with anime and game characters. As the same as Namja Town, the leading Japanese game company ‘bandai’ operates and uses their latest technologies here. You’ll find here a new theme park.

A futuristic indoor theme park where imagination meets reality!

Namja town is a famous indoor theme park operated by a leading Japanese game company, ‘bandai’. There are about 10 attractions and some temporal events collaborating with anime characters. Namja town also has popular gyoza (potstickers) stadium. About 9 gyoza stores are lined up so you can choose your favorite and enjoy gyoza!

An interesting indoor theme park!

Konica Minolta Planetarium Manten offers Japan’s high technological planetarium of combining video, music, and aroma. Konica Minolta is a Japanese electronics manufacturer company that also operates planetariums and makes planetarium equipments.

A high technological planetarium in Sunshine City!

Ancient Orient Museum exhibits history of ancient civilizations. Mainly those are about Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey but there are some studies of China and India too. What about a little study here while you’re in sunshine city?

A museum in sunshine city that exhibits history of ancient orient!

Where you can buy anything from everyday items to high ends!

Ikebukuro has so many places to enjoy shopping besides the sunshine city! Ikebukuro station’s east and west exits are directly connected to Seibu and Tobu department stores and Tokyu Hands where you can buy anything from knick-knacks, stationaries, to party supplies! As major appliance stores are also located at Ikebukuro, it is one of the best places to enjoy shopping!

Seibu Ikebukuro is a department store located at Ikebukuro station East exit. It is a very famous shopping spot where has high brand shops, speciality stores, to food products from 1st basement floor to 9th floor. Seibu Ikebukuro is also directly connected to PARCO and MUJI store. Tobu department store is located at Ikebukuro station West exit, the opposite side of Seibu Ikebukuro department store.
A department store directly connected to Ikebukuro station East exit!
Tobu Ikebukuro is a department store located at Ikebukuro station West exit. It has wide variety of stores from luxurious brands, speciality stores, to food products from the 2nd basement floor to the 16th floor. Seibu department store is located at Ikebukuro stations East exit, the opposite side of Tobu Ikebukuro department store.
A department store directly connected to Ikebukuro station West exit!
Tokyu Hands is the most famous and biggest variety store in Japan. You can get almost everything from stationaries, beauty products, to party goods. Unique Japanese items such as hot spring’s bath salt are also sold. It would be a great place to look for special souvenirs!
A variety store where you can get almost everything!

leading home appliance store! BicCamera Ikebukuro Main store is a leading home appliance store 1 minute away from Ikebukuro station East Exit. It is filled with various products from the 1st basement floor to the 8th floor!  You can get anything from latest TVs, cameras, phones, beauty products, to toys, and more! It is a duty free store.

The main store of BicCamera, a leading home appliance store!
LUMINE Ikebukuro is a shopping complex lined with fashion stores and restaurants located at Ikebukuro station South exit. From the 1st basement floor to the 10th floor, you can enjoy casual ladies fashion stores and delicious restaurants.
Lots of ladies fashion stores are lined up!
Ikebukuro PARCO is a convenient shopping complex directly connected to Ikebukuro station East exit and the big department store, Seibu Ikebukuro. Wide variety of well known stores and restaurants are lined up.
Fashion and cultural stores for youngsters!
Ikebukuro LOFT is located on the 9th, 10th, and 11th floor of Seibu Ikebukuro department store which is directly connected to Ikebukuro station East exit. LOFT is a very famous Japanese household goods speciality store selling wide variety of stationeries, novelty items, and knick-knacks. Ikebukuro store is one of the biggest branches we would like you to visit. Please find best items for you to make your life better!
A Japanese household goods speciality store!
Sofmap, a leading home appliance store, has 4 branches in Ikebukuro. As it is Ikebukuro, 2 stores called ‘animega’ specialize in anime related products. Sofmap Ikebukuro East store sells general home appliances and Sofmap ReCollection deals with used Mac items.

Ikebukuro Reading Glasses Museum, a glasses specialty store, is located near Ikebukuro station East exit. The shop is covered with numerous glasses and all of them are very cheap starting at JPY 48. You would see a number of glasses from outside as well. We would like you to visit this very unique and rare store.

Super unique and bargain priced glasses speciality store

The city filled with entertainments and culture!

Until recently, Akihabara and Shibuya were the top 2 places for Otaku (animation geek) culture and were the epicenter of entertainments in Tokyo! Yet, Ikebukuro is a hot spot now! Even Ikebukuro has been filled with lots of entertainment facilities, theme parks, and amusement arcades, the town is recently known as the Otaku city that many Otaku visit! Urban renewal is also in progress that makes Ikebukuro a very busy town!

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre reopened in 2012 with a high technological sound systems. Various stages from plays, opera, dance, to orchestra shows are performed! If you’re planning to visit, we recommend buying tickets online in advance.

A cultural theatre in Ikebukuro!
Animate is a very famous and the biggest animation store brand in Japan. The first store of Animate was opened in Ikebukuro in 1983 and you can find anything from comics, goods, figures to DVDs. There are the main and the annex store in Ikebukuro. Many anime fans from all over the world visit here! Take a look at the Japanese animation culture at Animate!
One of the biggest anime stores in Ikebukuro!
ROUND1 Ikebukuro, an amusement park where you can play bowling, darts, batting, and more, is about 5 minutes walk away from the Ikebukuro station East exit. ROUND1 Ikebukuro is always filled with many people who enjoy entertainments such as bowling, karaoke, and Game Center (amusement arcade).
A 24 hours amusement park!
Amusement arcades a.k.a. Game Centers are very popular among all generations. You can enjoy UFO catchers (claw cranes), PURIKURA (high technological photo booths) and many other games! Nobody will get bored here but be careful of using too much money!
A popular amusement arcade that Japanese call Game Center!

Toshimaen is a retro amusement park with more than 30 attractions and activities! It is located at Toshimaen station which is about 15 minutes train ride from Ikebukuro station. Beautiful cherry blossoms bloom in spring, the swimming pools are open in summer, and ice skating is available in winter! What is more special here is ‘Niwa no Yu,’ the hot spring facility. You can have a relaxing time with looking over the beautiful Japanese garden after playing at the park!

A nostalgic amusement park opened in 1926!

A cityscape rich in nature!

Ikebukuro is also famous as a cultural city which has several universities. As big parks near the Ikebukuro station are maintained, it is recommendable to take some rests at the parks.

Minami-Ikebukuro park is just 5 minutes walk from Ikebukuro station! The park reopened in 2014 with a big lawn area, wood decks, and a cafe. Sadly, the lawn area is frequently not allowed to enter due to the maintenance. A great place to take some rests, eat takeout foods, and enjoy greenery!

Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan in Ikebukuro is an important cultural property designated by the government. This building was designed by the renowned American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and his Japanese assistant, Arata Endo in 1921. It was originally the Jiyu Gakuen Girl’s School building until 1934 when the school moved to a larger building. Currently, Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan is also a famous place for weddings!
A building that is designated as the important cultural property!

Kishimojindo Temple located at the residential area of Ikebukuro is a famous temple to worship Kishimojin, the goddess of child birth and child care. The temple is filled with calm and quiet atmosphere that it makes hard to believe that you’re in Ikebukuro area. Try dango (sweet rice dumplings) at Daikokudo, a Japanese dango store in the temple!

A small temple in residential area of Ikebukuro!