Tokyo Station・Marunouchi

Tokyo station, the central station of Shinkansen (bullet trains) and local trains is located at Marunouchi. Lots of people visit Tokyo station everyday that about 470,000 people enter Tokyo station’s ticketing gates in a day. Many main offices of leading companies and commercial complexes are located at Marunouchi. Marunouchi, the center of business and various stores, is a beautifully maintained town in Tokyo!

Where is Tokyo Station/Marunouchi area

  • Tokyo station, the center of transportation and business in Japan!
  • A beautiful town lined with museums and historical sights!
  • Many spots to enjoy shopping and Japanese food!

Tokyo station, one of the largest stations in Japan!

Tokyo station, the center of transportation is a beautiful and huge station located in Marunouchi! The building itself is surely a highlight yet there are lots to see in Tokyo station. It has Tokyo Station Gallery, a museum in Tokyo station, Tokyo Station Hotel, a historical hotel in Tokyo station, and many shopping spots. Beyond that, Tokyo station’s illumination in the night is stunning!

Tokyo station has been the important position of transportations for a long time. Tokyo station’s beautiful octagonal dome was built in 1914 by Tatsuno Kingo, a famous Japanese architect and is designated as an important cultural property by the government. Some parts of the building were destroyed by the World War but were reconstructed right after 1945. You can feel the history and find a number of stores and restaurants! Tokyo station is like a maze even to Japanese so ensure to have enough time!
The center of Tokyo, Tokyo station
Dourin no Hiroba is located on the first basement floor of Tokyo station outside the ticketing gates. There are 3 big driving wheels at this square. These wheels were actually used for a C62-15 type steam locomotive until 1971. You can find this square at Marunouchi Underground South exit. It is also a popular meeting spot.
A monument in Tokyo station!
Ginza Mitsukoshi opened in 1930 is a luxurious department store with a long history. It is located in front of Ginza Wako, a department store. The lion statue at the entrance is the symbol of Mitsukoshi. High-end fashion, jewelry, watches, and crafts stores are lined up. Don’t forget to check the depachika floor, the basement floor filled with beautiful food!
Real driving wheels used until 1971!
Tokyo Station Gallery opened in 1988 is a museum located in front of Tokyo station’s Marunouchi North exit. The museum’s exhibition rooms with brick walls are famous that you can feel the history of the station. As temporal exhibitions are displayed, please check the schedule before you visit.
A popular museum in Tokyo station!
Ichibangai or First Avenue Tokyo Station is an entertaining area directly connected to Tokyo station! It has Tokyo Character Street, Tokyo Ramen Street, Tokyo Okashi (Snacks) Land and more. Literally many stores filled with Japan vibes are lined up. Tokyo Ramen street is very popular as all the stores are famous delicious ramen restaurants! Ramen stores usually have queues so we recommend visiting with time to spare.
A shopping district filled with Japan vibes!
Yaesu GRANROOF is an area connecting Gran Tokyo North Tower and Gran Tokyo South Tower at Tokyo station’s Yaesu side. GRANROOF‘s eye-catching architecture is designed under the image of a sail of lights. It is lined with various restaurants and stores from all over Japan. Daimaru Tokyo, a popular department stores is located in Gran Tokyo North Tower which is directly connected to Tokyo station. It is a great place to look for souvenirs, enjoy shopping, and eating!
“A landmark of Tokyo station’s Yaesu side!”

An exquisite town with museums and historical sights!

Marunouchi was the area of Daimyo’s (feudal lord) mansions in the Edo period (1603~1868) and Edo Castle was built in today’s Imperial Palace area which tells Marunouchi has a long history. In 1890, Mitsubishi Estate bought the area and developed Marunouchi to the town of business, cultural sights, and shopping areas. You can enjoy historical sights and various museums at this sophisticated town!

Imperial Palace has been the resident of successive emperors since 1868. Edo Castle was built here in the past. To enter the gate, guided walking tours of the Imperial Palace are generally available twice a day for free. The number who can join the tour is strictly managed by prior registration and walk-in registration. It is not allowed to enter the gate except these tours. Nijubashi Bridge or Glasses Bridge or Double Arched Bridge is very famous at the Imperial Palace Plaza. Enjoy the calm and organized atmosphere!
The residential palace of emperors since 1868!
The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace is located on the east of the Imperial Palace. Some areas of Edo Castle were reconstructed as a garden and opened to the public in 1968. It is great to walk around this beautiful garden with a calm and tranquil atmosphere. The garden is filled with history that you can enjoy Edo Castle’s remains here.
Beautiful gardens located near the Imperial Palace Plaza!
Wadakura Funsui Koen or Wadakura Water Fountain Park was built in 1961 to celebrate the marriage of the Heisei Emperor. The park has a nice restaurant operated by the Palace Hotel and a monument inscribed with a poem by the Heisei Emperor. In 1995, a new monument was additionally built to celebrate the Reiwa Emperor’s marriage. It is a beautiful and peaceful park! 
A beautiful park with water fountains near Tokyo station!
Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum opened in 2010 and displays temporal exhibitions of western artworks three times a year. The museum’s building is the complete restoration of Mitsubishi Ichigokan which was designed by Josiah Conder, a British architect in 1894. The old building was demolished in 1968 due to the building’s deterioration. This museum in Marunouchi area has a chic cafe, gift stores, and a beautiful courtyard! 
“The building of Bank of Japan is designated as an important cultural property!
The National Museum of Modern Art (MoMAT) is Japan’s first national museum opened in 1952 at Kyobashi, Tokyo. It transferred to the current location in 1969. The museum has more than 13,000 art works including famous Japanese artists, Yokoyama Taikan and Hishida Shunso. It displays Japanese modern artworks and closely related foreign artworks from Meiji Period (1868-1912) to today. 
“The first national museum in Japan with wide collections of artworks!”

Wide selections of shopping spots and souvenir stores at Marunouchi!

Marunouchi has numerous places to enjoy shopping from the underground area of Tokyo station, commercial complexes, and shopping streets. Tokyo station’s underground is the largest underground shopping areas in Japan! As Tokyo station is a hub of transportation, lots of stores sell Tokyo souvenirs including unique Japanese sweets. Shopping complexes also have various restaurants to enjoy Japanese cuisine!

Daimaru Tokyo is a famous department store in Gran Tokyo North Tower. A number of high brand shops, restaurants, and variety stores are lined up from the 1st basement floor to the 13th floor. Depachika food floor on the 1st basement floor is recommendable spot to take a look at beautiful Japanese food displays! 
A popular department store directly connected to Tokyo station!
KITTE opened in March, 2013 in front of Marunouchi South Exit of Tokyo station. This place used to have Tokyo Central Post Office and it changed to KITTE, a big shopping building. KITTE means ‘stamp on a letter’ or ‘come’ in Japanese! Tokyo Central Post Office’s building parts still remain at some areas that we would like you to check. KITTE Garden on the 6th floor is the best spot to see the Tokyo station view.
A shopping mall where it used to be the Tokyo Central Post Office!
Marunouchi Building or Marubiru is a big commercial complex building opened in 2002. It has about 140 selected stores and restaurants. The indoor observatory which is free on the 35th floor shows beautiful Tokyo view! The 35th and 36th floors are classified as a premium restaurant zone where you can enjoy delicious meals and wonderful views.
A symbolic commercial complex in front of Tokyo station!
Shin-Marunouchi Building or Shin-Marubiru is a big commercial complex opened in 2007. It has about 150 selected stores and restaurants. Restaurants are located on the 5th, 6th, and the 7th floor. The beautiful terrace on the 7th floor is recommendable spot to enjoy Tokyo station view!
A symbolic commercial complex in front of Tokyo station!
Yaesu Chikagai or Yaesu Shopping Mall is a big shopping street located on the underground floor directly connected to Tokyo station. It is lined with about 180 stores, cafes, and restaurants! You can enjoy various selections of unique Japanese products and Japanese food here!
A big shopping street at the underground of Tokyo station!
Marunouchi Nakadori Street is a sophisticated street in Marunouchi area! Roadside trees are beautifully lined up and it is filled with fancy restaurants, cafes, high brand stores, commercial complexes, and office buildings. Some seasonal events are held quite often at the street. Our recommendation is christmas lights from early November to early February!
The main street in Marunouchi!
Marunouchi Brick Square was opened in September, 2009 under the concept of ‘Marunouchi Comfort.’ It is a commercial complex lined with selected stores and fashionable restaurants. 35 stores and restaurants are lined up from the 1st basement floor to the 3rd floor. It is like a small town filled lots of bricks! 
A shopping square at a building made of bricks!
BicCamera Yurakucho store is a leading home appliance store 1 minute away from Yurakucho station. It is filled with various products from the 2nd basement floor to the 7th floor!  You can get anything from latest TVs, cameras, phones, beauty products, to toys, and more! It is a duty free store.
BicCamera, a leading home appliance chain store in Yurakucho!