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Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland in 2019 

Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland in 2019 

How to go


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea celebrate Christmas every year and it was from November 8th to December 25th in 2019. I really love the Christmas atmosphere at Tokyo Disney Resorts and visit every year during this festive season. In 2019, I could go to Tokyo Disneyland only for 3 hours. However, I had a lot of fun as always! This page would be a brief report of 2019 Tokyo Disneyland’s Christmas celebration.

I finally arrived the Maihama station in Chiba prefecture at 19:00pm after running some errands. Unfortunately, it was raining and very cold… only 5 degrees.
Once I went through the ticket gate of the station, turned right and went straight to Tokyo Disneyland. It is only about 5 minutes on foot to get there. ‘Bon Voyage,’ the official Disney store is located along the way.
You’ll also see the beautifully illuminated Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.
I bought Starlight Passport, which allows you to enter the park after 15:00pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays, at the ticket booth there.
Finally entered Tokyo Disneyland filled with Christmas joy! As Tokyo Disneyland is having some renovations currently, the entrance area was smaller than usual.
This is the amazing view you’ll see first. I was very very happy to see this again.
Projection mappings were also done on the walls.
Many people were taking pictures and videos here.
The statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse look like they are celebrating Christmas too!
Christmas Disney decorations could be found everywhere. I was excited every moment! It was becoming very cold so I rode some attractions.
Firstly, I went to STAR TOURS which brings us to a space journey with the Star War’s characters! The queue was only 5 minutes because of the cold temperature and rain.
Cute characters and the spaceship won’t get you bored even when the queue is long. Wear 3D glasses and ready to go to a space journey!
Next, I enjoyed the boat ride of It’s a Small World. Reflection of the building was very beautiful because of the rain. This queue was also only 5 minutes.
These amazing decorations definitely excite small children! You can enjoy the world tour by the boat ride and also finding Disney characters here.
Elsa, Ana, and Olaf from Frozen are skating!
Rapunzel with her long hair from Tangled is waiving her hand. Enjoy finding the other characters!
‘See you again’ in many languages.
After the boat ride, I became a bit hungry so bought a box of corn potage flavored popcorn and went to a restaurant! Corn potage popcorn smelled too good that I couldn’t stop buying. It tasted very well as it smelled.
Then I went to the restaurant, ‘China Voyager’ where serves soup noodles, steamed pork buns, and some desserts.
You need to order and pay first then get what you ordered.
The indoor seating area was not that big.
It also has outdoor area to enjoy the meal. I think it is too cold to eat at outside in winter.
We got minced pork in spicy miso soup noodles and mapo tofu in spicy soup noodles. It tasted very well and warmed my body. Soup wasn’t that spicy so children can eat them too.
Following the dinner, headed to the Jungle Cruise, one of my favorite attractions. You’ll get on a wildlife expedition boat to explore the jungle!
This day, I didn’t wait at all to ride this.
This is the boat. It is quite large.
The lady who took us to the jungle explained our journey in a very amusing way! Even it was very cold, passenger laughed a lot thanks to her.
We passed right next the waterfall… very exciting and super cold for sure! A cute elephant was playing with water. You can see some other animals too.
After the Jungle Cruise, I went to the shops at the entrance area as it was almost the closing time. There are many shops around the big Christmas tree.
On the way to the shops, Disney cast members were saying goodbyes to the guests joyfully.
Stores were also filled with Christmas decorations. Many people were taking pictures which was very heartwarming.
I didn’t want to leave but left there at 22:00pm, the closing time.
There was very less people than usual because of the rain but I had the best time and enjoyed the Christmas joy.



How was Tokyo Disneyland Christmas version? Even the Christmas parade was cancelled due to the rain, I did enjoy to the fullest. People were smiling and laughing under Disney’s Christmas decorations and Christmas music there. This is just so happy and would love you to feel the Christmas joys everywhere at Tokyo Disneyland.