What comes to your mind when you hear Japanese food? Sushi, Ramen, Tempura... there are too many delicious food to list all! Tokyo is lined with lots of fast-food and fancy restaurants. Based on your preference, purpose, and budget, you can enjoy various food in Tokyo! This page would introduce basic information of recommended food in Tokyo and restaurants we would like you to visit!

Ramen is a noodle cuisine of delicious soup with various toppings. Ramen is very very popular among mainly young people and you can find Ramen restaurants everywhere in Tokyo. Each restaurants are particular about their Ramen and have their own feature so Ramen is rich in variety. This page explains main differences of Ramen, toppings, and the way to order Ramen.

Most famous Japanese cuisine. Sushi, as you may know, is a bite size combination of vinegared rice with other ingredients, mainly a raw fish. Even if you don’t like raw fish, there are many kinds of sushi so you may find the best and delicious sushi. I would like to explain about the sushi restaurant and the variety of sushi at this page.

Tempura is a piece of seafood or vegetables that covered in batter and fried in oil. Tempura can be found at many restaurants from high-end Michelin tempura restaurants, Udon/soba restaurants, to izakayas. Tempura on rice bowls is Tendon which is very popular among Japanese. This page introduces main varieties of Tempura and how to eat.

You’ll find lots of delicious meat cuisine in Japan. Beef, pork, and chicken are used and cooked differently to enjoy various menus. I’ll introduce most popular meat dishes in Japan at this page. Let’s check out what you would like to try!

Udon is thick and long Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. Soba is thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. Udon is very chewy and Soba has its own strong taste. Since Udon and Soba are quite cheap but still very delicious and has many varieties, both are very popular in Japan.

Curry rice can be said as a national cuisine loved by many Japanese. Although it was introduced from India via the Great Britain, curry rice transformed in Japanese way by using local ingredients of Japan. Japanese curry uses flour to make the soup thick and also uses chewy Japanese rice instead of dried rice. This page introduces main varieties of curry rice and how to eat.

Japanese drink Japanese tea everyday. Many Japanese restaurants serve tea for free instead of a cup of water. It can be said that Japanese tea is definitely part of our life and we enjoy numerous variations of them. We would like to introduce the main varieties of Japanese tea and show how this tea world is deep and interesting.

Wagashi are Japanese traditional sweets. Comparing to western sweets, dairy products or fats, oils are not used but beans and sugar are the main ingredients for Wagashi. Wagashi also has a strong connection with season that Japanese emphasizes the visual of wagashi so people can feel the beauty of each season.