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Tokyo’s Seasons

Tokyo’s Seasons

Tokyo’s Seasons

Spring / March, April & May

Flowers bloom beautifully during Spring in Japan. Cherry blossoms are famous and symbolized as a national flower often.

Tokyo’s Temperature:About 12-20°C
Clothes:Spring clothes. It usually get cold at night so it would be good to have a light jacket. 


Summer / June, July & August 

Tokyo’s summer is too hot recently. I’m always about to melt:) Green leaves are wonderful with a cry of moth. When Japanese hears moths crying, we feel that the summer has come. 

Tokyo’s Temperature:About 30-40°C
Clothes:Please wear light clothes. Air conditioning can be too high at any places so it would be good to have a cardigan or some light jackets.


Autumn/ September, October, & November

Usually September is still hot in Tokyo. We can smell the aroma of a fragrant olive when Autumn is coming. Autumn leaves become beautiful during this season.

Tokyo’s temperature: About 14-22°C
Clothes:Autumn clothes would be good. As the same as Spring, it can be cold at night so bring a jacket just in case. In November, it is almost winter so wear cozy clothes to keep you warm.


Winter/ December, January, & February

Winter is very cold in Tokyo but night views become very beautiful with clear air. It also often snows in January and February. You must enjoy Japanese hot spring, Onsen so you can relax to your heart’s content in the cold winter!

Tokyo’s temperature:About 4-9°C
Clothes:Winter is very cold so don’t forget your warm clothes! It would be nice if you have ear muffs, mufflers, and gloves.