Odaiba, the bayside town filled with various entertainments, will be used as one of the venues at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games! This Rinkai area where is developed every year is the perfect place for sightseeing and shopping! It is also the best spot with a beautiful night view for a date and touring!

Where is Odaiba

  • When it comes to night views in Tokyo, it is Odaiba with a beautiful bay view!
  • Full of entertainment facilities where children and adults can enjoy!
  • You can enjoy shopping at lots of large shopping complexes for a whole day!

Best night view and dynamic landscape!

Many Japanese would think of Odaiba when they are asked about the most beautiful and famous night view in Tokyo. Fantastic views of Rainbow Bridge & the Statue of Liberty with the Tokyo Bay are waiting you here. Odaiba has more places to enjoy night views such as Odaiba seaside park’s sandy beach, the building of Fuji Television,one of the biggest TV stations in Japan, the palette town’s giant sky wheel...! Please find your favorite spot. You should not also miss the temporal Tokyo Olympic 2020 monument and the impressive full scale of Gundam, the famous Japanese animation character!

Odaiba Kaihin Park or Odaiba Seaside Park offers you a relaxing and enjoyable time with nature. You can play at the beach and even do windsurfing. The park has the famous replica of the statue of liberty and is loved by many Japanese. What also makes here special is the view from the park! You can enjoy various views for the whole day from bright morning view, beautiful sunset to sparkling night view. The view of the statute of liberty, ocean, the Rainbow Bridge all together is breathtaking.

Best place to enjoy the ocean view in Tokyo!

The size is one-seventh of the Statue of Liberty in New York. It was built in 1998 to celebrate Japan and France friendship only for a year. However, the statue became very popular and decided to be installed permanently.

Symbol of Japan-French friendship!

This giant sky wheel in palette town has a diameter of 100 meters and a height of 115 meters. This gigantic Ferris wheel is surely the symbol of Odaiba! If the weather permits, you can enjoy Mt. Fuji view. At night, beautiful night views attract you and Ferris wheel itself also lights up! 

The landmark of Odaiba!
Famous Japanese animation character of robot, Gundam, was first broadcasted in 1979. It became very popular among Japanese that comic book was made after the animation was broadcasted on TV. It is still very popular today that many people collect Gundam figures. Here is the only place where you can see full scale size of Gundam.
Full scale of Gundam only here!
Limited-edition Olympic symbols is put on the sea at Odaiba Kaihin Park to celebrate 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games! It made first public appearance during the ceremony on January 24th, 2020, half a year before the opening ceremony. 32.6 meters length and 15.3 meters height Olympic symbols are magnificently photogenic with beautiful Odaiba views.
Limited-edition new photo spot!
One of the largest TV stations in Japan. Channel 8 in Japan is usually TV made by this Fuji Television. Guests can enter the building for shopping and enjoying some photo shoot spots for free. ONE PIECE, most famous animation, is also broadcasted on channel 8 so you can get ONE PIECE products too!  You can also enter the round shaped part by paying JPY 700 per person. It is an observatory.
“Limited-edition new photo spot!”
This is a promenade connecting Odaiba and Ariake area. The 360 meters-long bridge is very wide and open. You can also take a rest at benches and parasols while you’re touring. At night, beautiful night views show up that makes here popular photo spot as well!
Limited-edition new photo spot!

Full of entertainment facilities where all generations from children to adults can enjoy!

Odaiba is very rich in entertainment facilities! Large shopping complexes in Odaiba have various theme parks and gourmet areas. Among many spots, MEGA WEB, TOYOTA’s vehicle theme park, and teamLab Borderless where invites you to a dreamy and beautiful digital art world, are very popular tourist attractions. Children and adults would definitely have fun for a whole day!

It is a large Onsen (hot spring) entertainment park. Tokyo prefecture does not have a lot of hot springs so you must visit here if you’re not planning to visit hot spring area. Here, you can enjoy wearing yukata, Japanese informal cotton kimono, foot bath and bathing at Onsen. Of course, you can also enjoy eating Japanese cuisine here with wearing Yukata on. Experience one of Japanese culture, public bath!
Natural hot spring and wearing Yukata in Tokyo
Miraikan is a popular sightseeing spot where you can experience newest technologies. So much to see including various exhibitions and temporal events. Latest technologies of robotics, information science, and global environment are displayed at the exhibition space. Dome Theater GAIA on the 6th floor is a spherical theater you can enjoy impressive programs and feel the full impact from the screen.
Enjoy learning latest science technologies!
MEGAWEB, the huge car theme park, is located in palette town. You can learn and experience everything related to automobiles here and it mainly consists of 3 areas. Children can also learn traffic rules by driving and feel how it is fun to drive.  Very recommendable spot where all generations from adults to children can have fun!
TOYOTA's car theme park!
This museum is attracting huge attentions from all generations in Japan and from other countries. It is a digital art museum using latest technologies. The museum is kind of a maze so you can explore around like an adventure. Definitely a photogenic museum so don’t forget your camera! Team Lab Planet in Toyosu is made by the same team of Team Lab Borderless but the concepts differ. Please check carefully which you want to go to. 
Marvelous photogenic maze waiting you here!

TeamLab Planets Tokyo opened in 2018 in Toyosu is a futuristic museum filled with digital artworks. Follow the route and you would experience all the 7 artworks! It is required to take off shoes at teamLab Planets as it has an area where you walk though water. TeamLab Borderless in Odaiba is another museum made by the same team under different concepts. TeamLab Planets is planned to be closed in fall, 2020.

A photogenic museum in Toyosu!

Takoyaki Museum is located on the 4th floor of DECKS Tokyo Beach, a large shopping complex in Odaiba. Takoyaki, Japanese octopus balls, is Osaka prefecture’s local dish. You can eat delicious Takoyaki from 5 popular stores in Osaka here. Spacious store has many seats including seats on the terrace where you can enjoy ocean views with fresh prepared takoyaki!

Where you can enjoy various authentic takoyaki from the western Japan!

Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai was opened in 2005 at Aqua City Odaiba’s 5th floor. It has 6 popular stores of Ramen, which can be called Japanese culture, and you can enjoy those delicious ramen here! We would love you to find the one for you!

The ramen park in Odaiba which has Japan’s popular ramen stores!

Daiba 1-chome shoutengai or Daiba 1-chome shopping arcade is located on the 4th floor of the DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba. Here, you can enjoy the retro atmosphere of Japanese old town from the 1960s to 1990s. From meals, shopping, to games, it makes you feel you time travelled! Recommendable unique stores are lined up!

A theme zone of Japanese cityscape from the 1960s!

Daiba 1-chome shoutengai or Daiba 1-chome shopping arcade is located on the 4th floor of the DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba. Here, you can enjoy the retro atmosphere of Japanese old town from the 1960s to 1990s. From meals, shopping, to games, it makes you feel you time travelled! Recommendable unique stores are lined up!

Odaiba’s amusement park where every games are assembled!

The famous Madame Tussauds’ Tokyo branch was open in 2013 in Odaiba. It is located on the 3rd floor of DECKS Tokyo beach, a big shopping complex. You can take pictures with world-famous celebrities, sports players, and artists!

You can see wax figures of worldwide celebrities and sports players!

The famous Madame Tussauds’ Tokyo branch was open in 2013 in Odaiba. It is located on the 3rd floor of DECKS Tokyo beach, a big shopping complex. You can take pictures with world-famous celebrities, sports players, and artists!

Special playtime for you here, LEGO Land in Tokyo

Joypolis is an Indoor Amusement park that has more than 20 attractions. Even it is raining, you can enjoy some attractions and games. There are some temporal Japanese anime attractions that you can only find here. Check it out if you’re a huge animation fan.

One of the biggest indoor amusement parks in Tokyo

Lots of large shopping complexes in Odaiba!

Odaiba is also the shopping heaven! 5 big shopping facilities are located around Tokyo Teleport station in Odaiba! Each complex has various stores / restaurants and filled with entertainments and gourmet. Each building is large and the distance is a bit far away from each other so please be careful of getting tired from waking.

Many facilities await you here from ‘Giant Sky Wheel,’ one of the biggest Ferris wheel in the world, ‘Venus Fort,’ a shopping center looking like a Medieval European cityscape, ‘Zepp Tokyo,’ one of the biggest live music venue in Japan,’ to ’Tokyo Leisureland,’ the huge amusement park! Palette Town is a popular sightseeing spot always filled with many people!
The large shopping complex in Odaiba.
Aqua City Odaiba is located right next to Odaiba Seaside Park. With its beautiful ocean views, 130 stores are lined up from fashionable stores, miscellaneous goods, restaurants, to cafe. Aqua City Odaiba also has the only huge movie theater in Odaiba! Other big shopping complexes are also located in Odaiba!
A huge shopping complex along the ocean!
DiverCity Tokyo is a large shopping complex in Odaiba with the symbolic Gundam statue. It has various stores from classic fast fashion stores such as UNIQLO and ZARA, Tokyo souvenir stores, Doraemon speciality store, to amusement facilities. You can enjoy shopping and eating around to the fullest here!
Shopping! Gundam Monument! ROUND 1!
DECKS Tokyo Beach is a large shopping complex in Odaiba. Other than many shops, it has Takoyaki Museum, LEGO Land Discovery Center Tokyo, a haunted house, Madame Tussauds Tokyo, retro game amusement arcade, and more! DECKS Tokyo Beach has full of entertaining facilities. Once you get outside to the seaside deck, beautiful night views spread out before you!
A large shopping complex filled with many entertainments!
Venus Fort, a shopping facility, is located at palette town in Odaiba. Once you enter Venus Fort, you’ll feel like you’re in a little medieval European town. Everything is immaculate that makes you feel good just by waking here. Outlet stores like NIKE and PUMA are lined up so you can enjoy discount shopping as well! 
A fashionable shopping facility made in the image of medieval Europe!