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Japanese Curry Rice

Japanese Curry Rice


What is Japanese Curry Rice

Curry rice can be said as a national cuisine loved by many Japanese. It was first introduced to Japan during Meiji Era from the Great Britain, that colonized India then. Although it was introduced from India via the Great Britain, curry rice transformed in Japanese way by using local ingredients of Japan. Japanese curry uses flour to make the soup thick and also uses chewy Japanese rice instead of dried rice. This page introduces main varieties of curry rice and how to eat.



Variety of Japanese Curry Rice

Katsu Kare (Pork cutlet curry)

Katsu Kare is a very popular menu that Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) is served with the curry rice.


Po-ku Kare (Pork curry)

Po-ku Kare is curry rice with pork meat in it.


Be-fu Kare (Beef curry) 

Be-fu Kare is curry rice with beef meat in it. Usually, beef meat in curry rice are very soft and easy to eat.


Chicken Kare (Chicken curry)

Chicken Kare is mild flavor curry rice with chicken meat in it.



How to eat

Typically, curry rice is served on a plate with pickles called ‘Fukujinzuke’ and ‘Rakkyo.’ Fukujinzuke is vegetables pickled in soy sauce and Rakkyo is pickled scallion. Japanese loves eating these pickles with curry rice. Enjoy eating them with a spoon!




Japanese curry rice is an interesting meal that differs from the world’s curry rice. We would like you to try while you’re in Japan! Japanese are obsessed with curry flavor that you will find many foods flavored curry. From noodle soups, breads, snacks, to sauces… We, Japanese are definitely in love with this wonderful flavor created by spices.