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What is Udon/Soba?

Udon is thick and long Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. Soba is thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour. Udon is very chewy and Soba has its own strong taste. As for Soba, buckwheat flour is divided into four types depending on the stage of milling. The taste, flavor, and texture of Soba differ lot. Udon and Soba can be found at many restaurants from random Japanese food restaurants, Udon/Soba speciality restaurants, to Izakayas. Since Udon and Soba are quite cheap but still very delicious and has many varieties, both are very popular in Japan. This page introduces main varieties of Udon/Soba and how to eat.



Variety of Udon & Soba

Each region or prefecture in Japan has its own local Udon/Soba. The amount of flours, or the length, thickness differ. Japanese enjoy comparing these different flavor and texture. Below are some famous local Udon and Soba. Then these Udon and Soba are cooked and offered as various menus.


Sanuki Udon

Local Udon of Kagawa prefecture which is the most famous and popular Udon in Japan. It is neither thick nor thin and it is very chewy and tasty.


Inaniwa Udon

Famous local Udon of Akita prefecture. It is a bit thick and has very smooth texture.


Himi Udon

Local Udon of Toyama prefecture that is very popular. Himi Udon is thinner than other Udon but very chewy and tasty.


Togakushi Soba

Togakushi Soba is local Soba of Yamanashi prefecture where surrounded by mountains. They don’t use seaweed to add the flavor.


Izumo Soba

Local Soba of Shimane prefecture which is loved by many Japanese. The color is strong grey and the taste is strong Soba flavor.


Wanko Soba

Wanko Soba is Iwate prefecture’s local Soba. We eat mouthful Soba by a little bowl which is served continuously.



Menus of Udon & Soba

These Udon and Soba transforms into below menus!


Kake Udon/Soba

Kake Udon/Soba is the typical hot Udon/Soba which is in a hot noodle soup.


Zaru Udon/Soba

Zaru Udon/Soba is the typical cold Udon/Soba on a bamboo colander. We eat them with a dipping sauce.


Bukkake Udon/Soba

Bukkake Udon/Soba is served in a hot soup with various ingredients.


Nikomi Udon/Soba

Nikomi Udon/Soba is served in a hot soup with simmered ingredients.


Kamaage Udon/Soba

Kamaage Udon/Soba is served in a boiled water straight from the pot. We eat it with a dipping sauce.


Curry Udon/Soba

Curry Udon/Soba is served in a hot curry flavored soup.



How to eat

Hot Udon/Soba

  1. Taste the soup and enjoy the flavor.
  2. If you want to add some spices like peppers or salts, add into the soup.
  3. Slurp the noodles with your chopsticks.


Cold Udon/Soba

  1. Taste the dipping soup and enjoy the flavor.
  2. If you want to add some spices like peppers or salts, add into the soup.
  3. Pick up a mouthful of noodles and dip them into the soup.
  4. Slurp the noodles with your chopsticks.
  5. (For Soba) Add Soba-Yu soup into the dipping and sauce and drink. Soba-Yu is the boiled water used to cook Soba.




Above are the main Udon/Soba in Japan and it is a deep cuisine that flour and how cooked varies a lot. A number of restaurants are lined up in Tokyo. You may find the deepness of Udon/Soba and each restaurants’ features!