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What is Sushi?

Most famous Japanese cuisine. Sushi, as you may know, is a bite size combination of vinegared rice with other ingredients, mainly a raw fish. Even if you don’t like raw fish, there are many kinds of sushi so you may find the best and delicious sushi. I would like to explain about the sushi restaurant and the variety of sushi at this page.



Restaurants can be divided into two types

Conveyor belt sushi

It is a standard style of a Sushi restaurant loved by many Japanese. You can afford sushi at a reasonable price. As the name shows, colorful sushis on the plates go around the conveyer belt and we take the one we want to eat. You can of course order what you want to eat to the waiter. Usually the color and design of the plates are different based on the price. When you leave the restaurant, the waiter counts the number of the plates and you’ll have a check. It is about JPY 1,000 ~ 3,000 per person at most of the restaurants.


High class sushi (Not sushi-go-round)

In Japan, exclusive and expensive sushi restaurants are referred to ‘the restaurants that sushi does not go around the conveyer belt.’ Comparing to conveyer belt sushi, the price and quality is higher. Traditional restaurants are usually following this style and we recommend this restaurants if you want to eat the best sushi. Top exclusive sushi restaurants only accepts reservation from 5 star hotel concierge. The price really depend on the restaurants but it is about JPY 5,000~30,000 per person.



Variety of sushi

Standard sushi

I believe this is the sushi you come up in your mind first when you think of sushi. Raw fish topping is on the bite size vinegared rice. Japanese usually dip this sushi on soy sauce and eat using hands.


Gunkan maki (battle ship roll)

It is the vinegored rice wrapped with dried seaweed around and the fish is on the top of the rice. The fish like sea urchin and salmon roe which liquid spills easily are made as Gunkan maki. Japanese eat with soy sauce as the same as standard sushi.


Makizushi (Rolled sushi)

Makizushi is the vinegored rice and fish wrapped with dried seaweed. There are thin rolls and thick rolls. Thick rolls’ side is beautiful.



Side menus

We can eat many other delicious food at Japan’s sushi restaurant.

Japanese omelette

It is a rolled omelette using eggs and traditional “dashi,” Japanesd soup stock made from fish. There are several kinds of dashi like kelp and bonito that improve the flavor and tays of the eggs. Even sushi restaurant is about seafood, this Japanese omelette is very popular food a those restaurants.


Miso soup

It is a Japanese style soup made with miso. There are vegetables and tofu etc. in the soup. We usually eat miso soup and Japanese rice together. At sushi restaurants, we can get this miso soup with various seafoods. Especially we reccommend the miso soup with crabs, shrimps, and seaweed. It is very yummy that the harmony of the stock is perfect.



It is a steamed dish with eggs, other ingredients of vegetables and Japanese dashi. It looks like a custard pudding or tofu but it is non sweet soft dish. You’ll eat with spoon and find various vegetables in there.




Many people may first come up with sushi when they think of Japanese cuisine. If you would like to enjoy reasonable and yummy sushi, visit conveyer belt sushi restaurant! If you would like to have the best but a bit expensive sushi, visit non sushi-go-round restaurants. At sushi restaurants, you can enjoy many types of ingredients! We would love you to find your favorite dish!