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Narita Airport basic information

Narita Airport basic information

Where is Narita Airport

Narita Airport is actually located in Chiba prefecture and not Tokyo. Many international flights arrive at this Narita Airport. Terminal 1 and 2 are divided by alliance members. Narita Airport’s terminal 3 is only for Low Cost Carrier (LCC) flights. Not all the LCC departs and arrives at Terminal 3 so please check your flight carefully.Narita Airport’s terminal 3 is located a bit far from 1st and 2nd terminal. It takes about 15 minutes walk. Various stores and restaurants are lined up and the observatory deck where you can see airplanes’arrival and departure is popular too.


Where you can enjoy

Terminal 1 & 2 Observatory deck

This Terminal 1’s observatory deck where you can see the airplane departing for the world and arriving from overseas is on the 5th floor of Terminal 1. The Terminal 2’s observatory deck is on the 4th floor of Terminal 2 and you can see parked airplanes closely. Both are popular spots for children that lots of people visit here everyday. You can also eat at the nearby food court.

Opening hours:April-September 6:30~21:00 / October-March 7:00~21:00


Duty free stores

You can find more duty free stores at the departure gate than at the arrival gate. After finishing departure procedures, anyone can enjoy shopping at duty free shops. There are many shops from high brand stores to liquor and tobacco. Please check below URL for the shop lists. As you may know, you can also enjoy duty free shopping in the flight usually. Make the best use of your time!


Shopping before passport control

Lots of restaurants and stores are lined up at Narita Airport. Before entering the departure gate, take time to see around the last Japanese stores and restaurants. There are more stores and restaurants than below so please check Narita Airport’s official website.



Dashi chazuke En

You can eat dashi chazuke (Rice bowl with Japanese soup stock) here. It is a light Japanese cuisine so if you’re not that hungry, try this restaurant!


Ramen noodle Tomita

Famous Japanese cuisine, Ramen! Tomita is famous for its Tsukemen (dipping noodles) and  Tonkotsu (pork bone) seafood stock soup. You can eat here the last Ramen before your departure.



Misakiko is a chain restaurant for sushi. The plates are affordable and of course delicious.



This is a collaboration store of famous PORTER and BEAMS. You can find bags or travel goods etc. which all have high functionality.


ABC Mart

ABC Mart is a famous shoe chain store in Japan. You can find anything from casual shoes to business shoes here at a affordable price.



The famous MUJI shop is also located in Narita Airport Terminal 1. You can buy various simple items.



Obon de Gohan

This is a famous chain store for Japanese foods. Obon means a plate and Gohan means a meal in Japanese. As the name shows, the restaurant has variety of Japanese meals plates.


Ramen noodle shop, Kukai

Terminal 2 also has a Ramen restaurant. Kukai’s soup is made by simmered pork and chicken bones. You can choose from various menus from salt flavored to soy sauce flavored noodles.


Seven eleven (convenience store)

Major convenience stores in Japan are Seven eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart. You can get most of the basic items at Japan’s convenience stores.



The famous MUJI shop is also located in Narita Airport Terminal 2. You can buy various simple items.



It is a famous Japanese clothing store. You can get high quality clothings at a good price. It is cheaper to buy in Japan than buying at other countries.




This is a famous chain restaurant for Okonomiyaki which is an Osaka pancake. (The taste is not sweet at all!) You can try popular Osaka cuisine here.


Miyatake Sanuki Udon

This is a restaurant of famous Japanese cuisine, Udon noodle. Sanuki Udon is the name of Udon noodle type which is the most famous one in Kagawa prefecture. Very chewy noodles loved by many Japanese!


Nagasaki Chanpon Ringer Hat

Another famous Japanese chain restaurant is this Nagasaki Chanpon Ringer Hat. Chanpon is a noodle soup topped with various vegetables and seafoods. Nagasaki prefecture is famous for this Chanpon and you can eat at this restaurant.


How to go to the central Tokyo

Mainly, there are 3 ways to go to the central Tokyo from Narita Airport: 1) train, 2) bus, or 3) taxi. Let’s choose the best mean for you considering time, price and the number of luggages.


The price is a bit higher than buses but trains do not delay usually. If you have a lot of luggages, you may feel uncomfortable. Mainly you have 2 choices to transfer by trains, Narita Express or Keisei Skyliner.

1.Narita Express:Even the fare is a bit expensive, you can transfer directly from Narita Airport to the central Tokyo (Shibuya station, Shinjuku station eg.). You’ll buy the tickets online or at the ticket booth at the station before getting on the train. It is a comfortable train ride to get to the central Tokyo.

Duration:About 1 hour to central Tokyo
Fare: JPY 3,020~JPY 3,190/One way, ordinary car (to central Tokyo stations


2.Keisei Skyliner:Keisei Skyliner connects between Narita Airport and Ueno station. It also stops at Nippori station before Ueno. You can change train at Nippori station to get to the central Tokyo such as Tokyo station. Keisei Skyliner is cheaper than Narita Express (NEX) train but requires to change trains.

Duration:About 41 minutes to Ueno station
From Narita Airport to Nippori station is JPY 2,470
From Nippori station to Tokyo station by local line, JPY 154



There are many express buses from Narita Airport. Even it takes time than trains and may be a bit late from the schedule because traffic jam affects, the fare is cheaper than other transportations and you can go to the central station or the hotels without changing the bus. The list of hotels which are bus stops is on the official internet site so please check if your hotel is the bus stop or not.

1.Keisei bus (Tokyo shuttle):Express bus “Tokyo shuttle” runs about every 20 minutes during the day time. There is a bus from early in the morning to the late night. The main bus stop is the Tokyo station so it is easy to access to other areas.


2.The Access Narita:Express bus “The Access Narita” also runs about every 20 minutes. The main bus stop is also Tokyo station. Honestly, there is no huge difference between Keisei bus and the Access Narita.

Duration:About 1.5~2 hours
Fare:From JPY 1,000



Taxi usually has a special plan that connects the airport and the central Tokyo at a fixed fare. It costs about JPY 20,000 when you want go to the central Tokyo but the biggest Merit is that you can transfer at a private atmosphere certainly and safely. Also when you are traveling with many luggages, you can put all the luggages with you. There are no charge for luggages usually. Please kindly check details and reservations at below website!

Duration:1~1.5 hours
Fare:About JPY 20,000


Recommended spots around the airport

Naritasan Shinshoji temple

This is a historical Buddhist temple built in 940 and still loved by many Japanese. Kabuki actors’ most famous and authoritative house ‘Ichikawa’ visits this temple from Edo period. You can feel the history of the beautiful temple.

Adress:1 Narita, Chiba 286-0023
Access:10 minutes walk from Narita station


Naritasan Omotesando

This is a 800 meter long shopping street to the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple from Narita station. You can find lots of local foods and souvenirs with local atmosphere. The street has flourished from the Edo period and is designated as Japan heritage.


Shisui Premium Outlet

One of the largest outlet shopping centers in Japan. Many Japanese visit Narita only for this outlet. You can find fancy & good products at relatively low prices.

Adress:2-4-1 Iizumi, Shisui, Inba-gun, Chiba 285-0912
Access:About 15 minutes of bus ride (There is a direct bus from Narita Airport. JPY 350 per person and only accepts cash.)



Narita Airport is actually located at Chiba prefecture. Please note that it is a bit far from the central Tokyo. Terminal 1 and 2 are for international flights and Terminal 3 are for Low Cost Carrier flights. You can enjoy Japanese foods and shopping at the airport for sure!