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Haneda Airport basic information

Haneda Airport basic information

Where is Haneda Airport?

Haneda Airport is located in the middle of Tokyo so it is closer to the central Tokyo than Narita Airport. More domestic flights arrive at this Haneda airport than international flights. Terminal 1 and 2 are for domestic flights and International passenger terminal is for international flights. Haneda Airport is known as the largest airport in Japan and fourth largest in the world. Various interesting stores are lined up and the observatory deck where you can see airplanes’arrival and departure is popular tourist spot too.



Where you can enjoy

Observatory deck

Terminal 1’s observatory deck is at 6th floor and the rooftop floor. If the sky is clear,you can enjoy Mt. Fuji view here. Terminal 2’s observatory deck is at 5th floor. Both observatory decks at Terminal 1 and 2 have restaurants where you can enjoy eating while watching the planes. “Sky station Beer & snack”is at Terminal 1 and “CASTELMOLA”and “Scenic cafe”is located at Terminal 2. International passenger terminal’s observatory deck is at 5th floor. It is opened for 24 hours. Observatory decks are popular spots for children too that lots of people visit here everyday.

Observatory deck
Opening hours:6:30~22:00
※Can change due to the weather condition


Duty free stores

You can find lots of duty free stores at the International Terminal’s departure gate. After finishing departure procedures,anyone can enjoy shopping at duty free shops. There are many shops from high brand stores to liquor and tobacco shops. Please check below URL for the shop lists. As you may know, you can also enjoy duty free shopping in the flight usually. Make the best use of your time! *There is only 1 duty free store at the arrival gate of international terminal.


Shopping before passport control or after entry

Lots of restaurants and stores are lined up at Haneda Airport. Before entering the departure gate,take time to see around the Japanese stores and restaurants. International Terminal is especially my recommendation because of its variations and you can feel Japan from the interiors. There are more stores and restaurants than below so please check Haneda Airport’s official website.


TERMINAL 1 (Domestic flights)

Yakiniku Shinjuku Kouei

Yakiniku is one of the best meals in Japan that is a dish of grilled meat. Japanese rice goes really well with Yakiniku. Many Japanese eat Yakiniku especially for celebrations and kick-off!


Ginza Lion Market

Famous chain restaurant that serves beer and meals! Many Japanese enjoy their time at this restaurant at Friday night. Don’t miss delicious meals here and alcohols before your flight!



As you may know,this is a famous Japanese clothing store. You can get high quality clothings at a good price. It is cheaper to buy in Japan than buying at other countries.


Tokyo Giants Wing Shop

One of the best baseball teams in Japan is Tokyo Giants! The team is based in Tokyo and you can get souvenirs only in Tokyo! It may be a good souvenirs for baseball fans.



TERMINAL 2 (Domestic flights)

Numazu Uogashi sushi

Famous Japanese dish is of course sushi. You can enjoy sushi at this restaurant located in  Terminal 2. At Numazu Uogashi sushi restaurant,seafood stocks are bought every morning so fresh sushi is served.


Tonkatsu Wako

Wako is a very famous chain restaurant of Tonkatsu pork. You can enjoy a typical Japanese Tonkatsu pork plate at a reasonable price. Tonkatsu is deep fried pork chop that is breaded with flour and eggs.



UNITED ARROWS is a famous Japanese clothing and general goods store. Here at Haneda Airport,you can also buy UNITED SRROWS’travel goods.



PLAZA is very popular and famous store for various goods. Cosmetic items,cute stationeries,toys and more. Every girl will enjoy shopping at this store!



International Passenger TERMINAL


You might already heard about Yoshinoya in your country. Yoshinoya is a very famous restaurant of Gyudon (Rice bowl with beef)in Japan. Beef soaked in sweet sauce goes perfect with rice!


Tsurutontan (Udon noodles)

One of the most popular Udon noodle restaurants in Japan. Udon is served in a very BIG bowl here. Variety of the menus is also the reason why there are so many fans of this restaurant. Usually, there is a queue to get in this restaurant.



Don Quijote,the famous discount store in Japan,has a store at Haneda Airport International Terminal too. This SORA means sky and DONKI comes from Don Quijote. SORADONKI is the only store located in this Haneda Airport.



Itoya is very popular and famous store for stationaries in Japan. The first store was opened in 1904 in Ginza ,Tokyo which shows that itoya is very historical store. You can get high quality and well designed stationaries here.



How to go to the central Tokyo

Mainly,there are 3 ways to go to the central Tokyo from Haneda Airport: 1)train,2)bus,or 3)taxi. Let’s choose the best mean for you considering time,price and the numbe r of luggages. Below is the route search “Haneda Route Master” recommended by Haneda Airport to search for the best route. In the morning from 7AM to 10AM, and in the night from 17PM to 19PM, it is a rush hour for trains. You may already know that many people squeeze in the trains! We recommend not using the trains at the above time especially when you have luggages.



Unlike Narita Airport, train is the cheapest way to transfer between Haneda Airport and central Tokyo. If you have a lot of luggages,you may feel uncomfortable carrying those ones. Mainly you have 2 choices to transfer by trains, Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu line.

1.Tokyo Monorail:You can transfer from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho station by Tokyo Monorail. Airport express allows you to transfer to Hamamatsucho station in about 10~20 minutes. By changing train at this Hamamatsucho station,you can go to the central Tokyo (Shibuya station,Shinjuku station eg.). You’ll buy the tickets before getting on the train at ticketing machine. Usually,you cannot buy using credit cards. Please also note that there are no reserved seats on this train.

Tokyo Monorail
Duration:About 30 min to central Tokyo
Fare:About JPY 700/One way (to central Tokyo stations)


2.Keikyu line:Keikyu line connects between Haneda Airport and Shinagawa station (One of the central stations). Using airport express trains, you can transfer to Shinagawa station in about 12~15 minutes. It also stops at Shinbashi station after Shinagawa station. Shinbashi station is 2 stations next to Tokyo station. By changing train at Shinagawa station or Shinbashi station, you can go to the central Tokyo (Shibuya station,Shinjuku station eg.). You’ll buy the tickets before getting on the train at ticketing machine. Usually, you cannot buy using credit cards. Please also note that there are no reserved seats on this train. Keikyu line is a bit cheaper than using Tokyo Monorail train. Both need to change trains.

Keikyu line
Duration:About 40 minutes to central Tokyo
Fare:About JPY 600/One way (to central Tokyo stations)



There are many express buses from Haneda Airport. It takes time than trains and may be a bit late from the schedule because traffic jam affects. The fare is also a bit higher than other transportations but you can go to the central station or the hotels without changing the bus. Most of the bus runs frequently. The list of hotels which are bus stops is on the official internet site so please check if your hotel is the bus stop or not.

1.Keikyu bus:Express bus “Keikyu bus” mainly connects the airport and the main stations. It also connects to main stations in close prefectures to Tokyo like Saitama, Chiba, and more. There are little stops for hotels so please check the URL.

Keikyu bus
Duration:About 1~1.5 hours *depends on the arrival station
Fare:From JPY 720 *depends on the arrival station


2.Haneda Airport Limousine Bus:Even the name says Limousine, it is not a limo car. It is a shared bus that stops to many stations and hotels. Very convenient and comfortable bus so it is a bit expensive than other transportations. Please check details of the bus stop from the official website.

Haneda Airport Limousine Bus
Duration:About 1~1.5 hours *depends on the arrival station
Fare:From JPY 720 *depends on the arrival station



Taxi usually has a special plan that connects the airport and the central Tokyo at a fixed fare. It costs about JPY 10,000 when you want go to the central Tokyo but the biggest Merit is that you can transfer at a private atmosphere certainly and safely. Also when you are traveling with many luggages,you can put all the luggages with you. There are no charge for luggages usually. Please kindly check details and reservations at  Official website!

Duration:1 hour
Fare:About JPY 10,000



Recommended spots around the airport

Tennozu Isle area

You can go Tennozu Isle by Tokyo Monorail. From Tennozu Isle station, it is about 5 minutes walk to the famous restaurant, TY Harbor. The harbor view is beautiful at Tennozu Isle too. Take a stop here before going to the airport!

Tennozu Isle
Access:About 15 minutes ride of train from Haneda International Terminal station by Tokyo Monorail→Get off at Tennozu Isle station and about 5 minutes walk


Jonanjima Seaside Park

You can see the airplanes landing on and departing from Haneda Airport very closely that the flight’s noise is powerful! There is also a sandy beach which is rare in Tokyo. Please have a relaxing time here before your long flight.

Jonanjima Seaside Park
Access:You can get here by bus from Ryutsu center station (Tokyo Monorail’s station) or by taxi→About 10 minutes ride of taxi




Haneda Airport is at the middle of Tokyo near Shinagawa. Terminal 1 and 2 are for domestic flights and International Terminal is for international flights. International Terminal’s shopping area is very fun even to Japanese! Photogenic and futuristic Airport is waiting for you.