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Kanda Myoujin Shrine

Kanda Myoujin Shrine

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Important Shinto shrine where people come pray for good business!

Kanda Myoujin Shrine is a famous Shinto shrine in Kanda. It is said that Kanda Myoujin was first built about 1,300 years ago at today’s Otemachi area and moved to the current location in 1616. Kanda Myoujin is one of the 10 special shrines in Tokyo selected by the Meiji Emperor and it holds one of Tokyo’s 3 great Matsuri (festival) every odd numbered year. EDOCCO Edo Culture Complex, a popular facility introducing Japanese culture is located here.



2-16-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
(5 minute walk from “Ochanomizu sta.”)
(7 minute walk from “Akihabara sta.”)