Home Report Tyffonium Shibuya, where you can easily enjoy latest VR attractions!

Tyffonium Shibuya, where you can easily enjoy latest VR attractions!

Tyffonium Shibuya, where you can easily enjoy latest VR attractions!

How to go


Tyffonium is a Virtual Reality (VR) theme park that has 3 attractions and a cafe, opened in 2018 in Shibuya. This place allows you to enjoy VR technologies easily in a short time. Since walls, ceilings, and bathrooms on the premises are decorated to produce the world of Tyffonium, it is also enjoyable without playing the attractions! VR attractions work with multi-languages so everybody can have fun!

Tyffonium is located very close to the Hachiko entrance of Shibuya station. Go up the slope on the right side of 109 shopping center and you can easily find Tyffonium! The reception is on the 8th floor of the building which the lower floors are SoftBank mobile stores.
Take the elevator in the corner and go up.
Once you get off the elevator, you would enter Tyffonium! Interiors of purple based color perfectly expresses the magical world of Tyffonium. This is also a cafe so you can just sit back and relax with mysterious drinks and snacks!
Tyffonium is also committed to the design of toilet. It had a fashionable wall like a trick art.
Now is the time to enjoy VR experience! I paid and reserved at this reception. We actually recommend make reservations in advance through online so you won’t have to pay in cash and wait.
Tyffonium currently offers 3 attractions which prices and duration differ.
I chose to play Tarot VR this time! TAROT VR 1 player game is JPY 800 and 2 players would be JPY 1,500 in total. Players are asked to imagine their troubles or what they would like to be advised by a tarot fortune-telling. Then, players choose 1 card and enjoy the chosen card’s world by VR experience.
The staff called me that it’s time to play. I put my bag in the locker and entered into this purple room! It is a simple room with white sofa in the middle.
This is the VR gear! Staffs put on the gear on me and gave me a cane.
It took about 10 minutes. At the world of Tarot VR, players choose one of the cards while imagining troubles, using the cane.  You can experience the chosen card’s world which has about 20 types! I wished for this Tokyo Trip Guide’s development and drew this card!
My card was ‘’WHEEL OF FORTUNE, meaning a number of fortunes will happen. I am so happy to get this best future! The staff gave me the actual card after the VR experience.



How did you think about Tyffonium? This was an introduction to the new VR attractions we can enjoy in the middle of Shibuya. It doesn’t take a long time and it is easy to access. Odaiba also has this Tyffonium! We would love you to enjoy these high technological attractions if you haven’t tried yet!