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Tyffonium Shibuya

Tyffonium Shibuya

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“A magic-reality theme park using Mixed Reality of Virutal Reality and Augmented Reality”

Tyffonium Shibuya, a themepark using highest technology, was opened in November, 2018. It has 3 attractions, TAROT VR: VOYAGE OF REVERIE, CORRIDOR, and FLUCTUS and has a photogenic cafe to wait and relax. You can of course just visit the cafe without playing VR attractions. You would have a short journey of the Tarot Card world at TAROT VR. CORRIDOR is a horror attraction walikng through the ruins of a western building. FLUCTUS is a fantasy attraction that guests would have a journey by a big ship. Guests are asked to put on the VR headset at each attraction. Tyffonium is surely a next generation themepark specializing in VR. You can also enjoy the same attractions at Tyffonium Odaiba.



27-4 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo
(5 minutes walk from “Shibuya Sta.”)

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