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Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Tokyo Motor Show 2019

How to go

What is the Tokyo Motor Show?

The Tokyo Motor Show is one of the top 5 motor shows in the world which is held every two years. The show exhibits commercial, passenger, and sports vehicles, motorcycles, and the latest technology and designs. Visitors can enjoy international vehicle brands’ exhibitions, shows, and experiences. Even if you’re not familiar with vehicles, you can have a lot of fun and be excited about the future. Let’s check out how was the 2019 show and what you could do. The 47th Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled to be on around October/November in 2021.



Tokyo Motor Show 2019 was a huge success considering the number of visitors, 1,300,900 people. 771,200 people visited last show in 2017.

This year’s show was held at two areas, Ariake and Aomi in Odaiba. It takes about 20 minutes walk between the two areas connected by the Open Road. You can also take the free shuttle bus (the queue was so long!) or the trains. Until 2017, the show was only held at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake so the show has surely expanded. This year’s 1 day entrance fee was JPY 2,000. Some areas were free but you can enjoy to the fullest with tickets.


Aomi exhibition hall


I first visited Aomi exhibition hall to see the Toyota booth. Toyota booth was focusing on the people in the future society with new vehicles stating ‘play the future!’ (It was actually the most crowded spot…!)

(1)Toyota e-Palatte

This e-Palette is an electric vehicle(EV) designed to be use from the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games in 2020. People might transfer around Tokyo with this cool vehicle. Automatic operation at a low speed would be loaded. Isn’t it exciting to imagine how these vehicles will be used in the future?

(2)Toyota e-Care

Health checking car in the future. It would be very convenient for those who cannot go to the hospital.

(3)Toyota e-RACER

This is just amazing! Toyota’s new electronic racing car.

(4)PMCV Concept

PMCV Concept is Toyota’s aim for minivan cars in 2030s. It is 1~7 people ride and seats can be arranged freely.

(5)Toyota e-4me

This is a new type of vehicle for only 1 person ride. It is quite spacious for 1 person and can enjoy a modest luxury ride.



Then I visited Daihatsu booth at the same Aomi exhibition hall.


ICOICO is a Daihatsu’s concept car that loads automatic operation and a robot. Even inside the car is spacious for the wheel chairs and travelers with many luggages, it is a compact size that can go through narrow roads.


WAI WAI is the concept minivan car for 6 people. It has a wide sunroof so it makes us feel very comfortable and open.


The most classic Daihatsu’s vehicle, Tanto was also exhibited. Somehow I was very happy to see the current car model here because most of the cars were focusing on the future…!



Before moving to the Ariake Exhibition Hall, I took a look at some trucks.

(1)UD TRUCKS Quester GW Truckte

Quester GW Truckter is a new truck targeting emerging countries. It loads ESCOT, Easy / Safe COntorolled Transmission, which makes easier and safer for drivers to drive.

(2)The huge and cool GH8 engine by UD trucks


Future Expo at the Mega Web

Then I went to the Future Expo at the Mega Web. Future Expo exhibited about 60 products related to the future. It was not only by vehicle companies but also technology companies including Panasonic, NEC, Fujitsu and more.

(1)Toyota LQ

LQ is the Toyota’s concept car for Tokyo Motor Show 2019. Artificial intelligence ‘YUI’ and automatic operation technology are loaded. LQ is the futuristic vehicle that supports people.

(2)NEC model of flying vehicle

This is a concept of flying vehicle in the future by NEC. NEC aims to the future that people can drive flying cars without any pilot license and to make it practical. It looks like a big drone.

(3)A.L.I. Technologies Air-Mobility “XTURISMO” LIMITED EDITION

This is a hoverbike which can actually fly today. It cannot be used for transportations so A.L.I is keen to develop this hoverbike for transportation use.

(4)Prodrone SUKUU

This is a rescue drone in the future. A special pilot controls this drone and lead it to person who needs help. 1 person can get on this SUKUU at one time and it is possible to speak with a pilot and rescue team while flying.


Ariake Exhibition Hall

After this, I bought Kebab at one of the food stands and walked to the Ariake Exhibition Hall through the Open Road. It took about 20 minutes on foot.


At Ariake Exhibition Hall, I first went to Honda booth. Honda focused on electric vehicles and F1 racing cars.

(1)Honda NSX

Honda’s super sports vehicle, NSX is just really cool.

(2)Honda e

Honda e has been exhibited at another show in Europe but this was the first time in Japan! Honda e is Honda’s new electric vehicle which would be on sale in 2020.

(3)Special exhibition (60 years history of Honda’s sports vehicles)

At this special show, visitors can take a look at the long history of Honda’s passion toward motor sports.
This formula car was Honda’s first victory at F1 Mexico GP in 1965.

Redbull Honda also got a victory in 2019. The vehicle really looks like it is made out of redbull. I loved the design so much.



Nissan booth was in front of Honda booth.

(1)Nissan GTR Nisimo

GT-R Nisimo is 2020 model. Break performance, acceleration responses, and controls are improved a lot from GT3 in 2018.


③Lexus, Mercedes, BMW Alpina

Then I visited Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW Alpina booths. Above three companies exhibited at the same area.

(1)Lexus Conertable concept

(2)Lexus LS 500h

(3)Mercedes Benz Vision EQS

This is a concept car of Mercedes first sedan EV. First debut in Asia!

(4)Mercedes AMG

(5)Smart EQ ForTwo

Mercedes’s two seater EV

(6)Mercedes CLA coupe

(7)BMW Alpina

New BMW’s Alpina was exhibited. New Alpina will be on sale in 2020.


④Ferrari, Bentley


Ferrari super car attracted lots of attentions.


Bentley vehicle was exhibited to celebrate its 100th anniversary. What a beautiful car…!


Some of the attractive events

Using various measures, visitors can enjoy the Tokyo Motor Show besides exhibitions.
Below are some of the attractive events.

(1)Drive Park

Visitors can test drive the latest vehicles and motorcycles. Drone race by top players was also held.

(2)Open Road

Open Road was the 1.5km long outdoor road between Ariake and Aomi exhibitions. Vehicles were also displayed at this road and visitors could experience micro mobility ride here.

(3)Out of KidZania

KidZania is a famous facility in Japan where kids can enjoy experiencing jobs. This KidZania collaborated with Tokyo Motor Show 2019. Children could experience vehicle related jobs such as mechanics, racing drivers, and car designers here.

(4)Gourmet Kingdom

Other than permanent restaurants, about 14 famous food stands sold their classic menu. These food stands were selected by the renowned food bloggers ‘Tabearuking.’

(5)Drone Show

Special drone show was held for four days from October 24th to 27th, 2019. About 500 drones beautifully colored the night sky with lights and razors.



How did you think about Tokyo Motor Show 2019 ‘Open Future’? It was purely exciting to soak into the concept of future society filled with cool and eco friendly vehicles. The show exhibited more vehicles and activities than introduced at this page. I am already excited to join 2021 Tokyo Motor Show!