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Nihon Ginko (Bank of Japan)

Nihon Ginko (Bank of Japan)

How to go

“The building of Bank of Japan is designated as an important cultural property!”

Bank of Japan, the center of Japanese finance, is to the north of Tokyo station. It is about 10 minutes walk from Tokyo station. Bank of Japan’s building was built in 1896 by Tatsuno Kingo, a famous Japanese architect who also designed Tokyo station. When you see the building from the top, it is shaped ‘円’ which is the Kanji character for Japanese YEN. Currency museum where you can learn the history of Japanese currency is located near the bank.



2-1-1 Nihonbashihongokucho, Chuo City, Tokyo
(5 minute walk from “Mitsukoshimae sta.” B1 exit or A8 exit)
(6 minute walk from “Kanda sta.”)