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Kaminarimon Gate

Kaminarimon Gate

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The main gate of Asakusa Sensoji Temple!

Kaminarimon Gate is the landmark of Asakusa for sure and also the landmark of Tokyo! Kaminarimon(雷門), written in the large lantern, is not the official name of this gate. Furaijinmon(風雷神門) which is written on the back of the large red lantern in Kanji character, is the official name. Two statues of Buddhist deities are on the both sides of the gate. Fujin(風神), the deity of wind on the right and Raijin(雷神), the deity of thunder on the left. This gate is the starting point of Asakusa sightseeing and the best photo spot!



2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito City, Tokyo
(5 minutes walk from “Asakusa Sta.”)