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Harry Hedgehog Cafe in Roppongi

Harry Hedgehog Cafe in Roppongi

How to go

Where is Harry Hedgehog Cafe?

Have you ever heard about a hedgehog cafe? Tokyo has lots of popular animal cafes to spend time with cute little animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, owls, mini-pigs, and more! It says ‘cafe’ but they don’t have any food or drink menu. Most stores have a very simple cup type vending machine for free but please note that it is not the place to enjoy your meals or drinks. Animal cafes offer you the special time to interact with cute animals! I can see how people need relaxation and healing time nowadays… On one Sunday, I went to Harry hedgehog cafe in Roppongi, the first hedgehog cafe in the world! Harry also has Harajuku store, Harajuku Terrace store, and Yokohama Chukagai store. This page would be a brief report of my visit to Harry Roppongi store.



On one Sunday evening, I arrived at Toei Oedo Line’s Roppongi station to visit Harry Hedgehog cafe.

These are gates of Toei Oedo Line’s Roppongi station.

The cafe is about 1 minute walk from Exit 3. It took about 5 minutes to get to this exit 3 from the automatic gate.

You can go to the Roppongi Crossing from Exit 3 as well.

Once you come out from the underground floor and walk for a minute, you’ll easily find this sign at the end of the street.

Cute signs of hedgehog cafe and hamster cafe.

I went up to the second floor by stairs for reception.

Hedgehog and hamster ornaments welcome you!

I made the reservation through online about 2 weeks before this day so I told my name and paid here. It was JPY 2,860 per person for an hour course. Reservations can be made from an hour course. In case you would like to stay for 30 minutes, they only accept walk-in. Yet, you need to line up when it is fully booked.

Once you enter the door on the second floor, you’ll see this view. You will be asked to pay here first.
The store gives this cute sticker to those who made reservations.

I was asked to go to the third floor, the hedgehog floor, first. Hamsters are on the second floor. You can go to both floors whenever you want during your time!

Finally the time to contact with cute hedgehogs! Put on the provided gloves and touched them following staffs’ instructions. Staffs were very kind and helpful that they explain everything.

All of them are just so cute!!

At this Harry Roppongi, hedgehogs are also for sale. A woman bought the one when I was there.

The prices vary among the types.

A meerkat was also on the third floor. She was super cute. It was my first time to touch and hear the cry of a meerkat.

Look at her face… melted my heart.

Then I came back to the second floor, the hamsters floor. Changed the gloves for hamsters as they sometimes bite hands. They are very very small and too adorable.

She is cute little baby.
Some seemed to be a bit tired so I let them sleep. I was dying from their cute sleeping faces.

You can see rabbits too! If you ask a staff, you may be able to touch.

Cute hamsters, rabbits, and prairie dogs were there.



An hour flew by so fast…! I enjoyed all the moment with cute hedgehogs and hamsters. Before the visit, I was not quite sure if it is worth visiting or not but actually I enjoyed a lot and had a very healing time. We truly recommend those who love animals to visit this unique animal cafe in Tokyo!