Home Report Yakiniku SutaminaenーJapan’s best Yakiniku (Grilled meat)?!

Yakiniku SutaminaenーJapan’s best Yakiniku (Grilled meat)?!

Yakiniku SutaminaenーJapan’s best Yakiniku (Grilled meat)?!

How to go

Where is Yakiniku Sutaminaen?

Akabane station is about 10 minutes train ride from Shinjuku or Shibuya. Another 10 minutes ride of bus or taxi from Akabane station, there is the best Yakiniku restaurant in Japan, Stamina-en.

At Japan’s gourmet site, it is always at the top ranking and is famous as celebrities often visit. The other day, I went to Stamina-en strongly recommended by my friend who is a foodie.




I decided to visit on Saturday that opens at 16:30. For it is a weekend, I was quite sure that there would be a long line. I wanted to start eating at 19:00 so thought lining up at 17:00 is ideal…!

But unplanned occurrence happened!

I got on the bus at Akabane station but it was totally a different one… Got off the bus at middle of nowhere. There were only private vehicles and buses and NO taxis at all. Finally I caught a taxi and arrived at around 18:00PM.

Definitely recommend that taking a taxi from the first place to visit the restaurant. It is only about 10 minutes ride.

30-40 people were already lining up when I arrived. Even I was aware of this, it’s going to be a long fight… There is a convenient store nearby so you can go to the toilet or buy somethings if you’re with your accompany. If you’re going alone, it may be better to go to the bathroom in advance.
Kept waiting for about 2 hours. When it was getting dark and I’m getting super hungry, the happy moment came.
Yakiniku (Grilled meat) time started that I’ve been waiting for. Inside of the store is neat (not fancy) and we can feel the history of there.


①Cold beer

Cold beer which is below to freezing temperature. (JPY 500)


②Seasoned egg

Seasoned egg that is soaked into a delicious sauce. (JPY 500)



Assorted Namul (Korean dishes of seasoning vegetables). Should order in the beginning! (JPY 150)



These tongues have the excellent balance of tenderness and chewy. (JPY 550)



Salt flavor is recommended for outside skirt. The softest outside skirt I’ve ever had!(A portion for 1person, JPY 1,100, A portion for 2 people, JPY 3,400)



The store is proudly offering guts. There is no smell and it is very delicious that I could eat them! (I don’t like the smell of guts so usually I don’t eat.) Mino or first stomach (A portion for 1 person, JPY 1,350), Hormone (A portion for 1 person, JPY 1,200)


⑦Boneless Short Rib

The last meat is Boneless Short Rib! The fat on meat is the best! (A portion for 1 person, JPY 1,800)


⑧Almond jelly

Homemade almond jelly for a dessert. Refreshing and tasty! (JPY 350)




The time for queuing was about 2 hours. I stayed in the restaurant for only about an hour but I am sure that I will come here again. I totally understand why this Stamina en is always at top ranking on gourmet website. The best Yakiniku I’ve ever had.

When you cannot take time to line up for you need time for sightseeing, weekdays’ evenings are good choice. Even Stamine en is a bit far from Akabane station you can get there within 30 minutes from Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, the center of Tokyo.  We would like you to enjoy one of Japanese meals, Yakiniku, at Stamina en.