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Gotemba Premium Outlet’s New Area is Open!

Gotemba Premium Outlet’s New Area is Open!

How to go

Where is Gotemba Premium Outlets?

Gotemba Premium Outlets is one of the biggest outlets in Japan located at Gotemba city of Shizuoka prefecture which is about 2 hours from the central Tokyo by trains or cars. Gotemba Premium Outlets is very big with a great variety of shops from ordinary brands to luxury brands. In June of 2020, Hill Side, a new area opened and the number of stores increased to about 290 shops from 200 shops. As some luxury brands only sell at Gotemba Premium Outlets for outlets, this outlet is always filled with many people. Visitors can also enjoy a hot spring facility and stay at Hotel CLAD which are located right next to the outlet. Mt. Fuji view from Gotemba Premium Outlets is also recommended point!



A brand new area ‘Hill Side’ at Gotemba Premium Outlets opened in June 2020!
So there are 3 areas in total now, West Zone, East Zone, and Hill Side.
88 shops are currently lined up at the Hill Side.

From West Zone to Hill Side, we need to walk a long bridge for about 5 minutes.

Arrived at the new area, Hill Side!
Puma, Sanrio, Ron Herman, and more stores are lined up. Wood-focused buildings create a relaxing atmosphere.
A little playground at Hill Side! It has a carousel, a free fall, and a rail ride attraction. You must pay JPY 300 per attraction. It is a great place for children to enjoy!
Collaboration of EVANGELION, one of the most popular Japanese animations, is held until September 2020.



A new area, Hill Side, at Gotemba Premium Outlets opened in June 2020! With 3 shopping areas, a hotel, and a hot spring facility, Gotemba Premium Outlets is a new shopping resort in Shizuoka prefecture. As it is easy to access from/to Tokyo, Gotemba would be a great spot to enjoy shopping and hot spring at the same time!