How to go

TOYOTA’s automobile amusement park to look, ride, and feel cars!

MEGAWEB, the huge car theme park, is located in palette town. You can learn and experience everything related to automobiles here and it mainly consists of 3 areas. Toyota’s latest automobiles, technologies, and activities of ‘TOYOTA GAZOO Racing,’ the Toyoya’s motor sport team, are introduced at ‘Toyota City Showcase Area.’ ‘Ride Studio Area’ is where you can have a test drive. Children can also learn traffic rules by driving and feel how it is fun to drive. At ‘History Garage Area,’ automobiles from the world (not only Toyota) are exhibited where you can take a look at the history of automobiles. Very recommendable spot where all generations from adults to children can have fun!



1-3-12 Aomi, Koto City, Tokyo
(1 minutes walk from “Aomi Sta.”)
(3 minutes walk from “Tokyo Teleport Sta.”)

Opening dates

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Admission Fee

※Some area require fee