What is early cherry blossom?

The major cherry blossom in Japan is Somei Yoshino cherry that usually bloom from late March to early April in Tokyo.  This is one of the most peak travel seasons in Japan. As for early cherry blossoms, you can enjoy their full blooming from February to mid March. Kawazu Zakura, Kanhi Zakura,  and Okame Zakura are the famous early cherry blossoms. This page would introduce early cherry blossom types and where you can see them in Tokyo. 


Kawazu Zakura (Kawazu Cherry Blossoms)

Kawazu Zakura is single flowered and has 5 petals. The color is darker pink comparing to Somei Yoshino Cherry and the flower lasts for a month which is very long! You can enjoy this sakura in Tokyo but Shizuoka prefecture, where Kawazu Zakura was born, is the most famous place for its beautiful view.

Where you can see in Tokyo

・Yoyogi Park from mid February 


Kanhi Zakura (Winter Cherry Blossoms)

Kanhi Zakura can be mainly seen at Okinawa and Kagoshima prefecture in Japan. It is also called Hikan Zakura or Taiwan Zakura and the color is dark pink. It has 5 petals which are bell-shaped and is single flowered.  When it falls, each petals don’t fall one by one but all 5 petals fall together as 1 flower. You can enjoy different taste of cherry blossom by this Kanhi Zakura!

Where you can see in Tokyo

・Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s Garden from mid February 


Okame Zakura (Okame Cherry Blossoms)

Okame Zakura can be mainly seen at Kanagawa prefecture. As it is the crossbreeding of Kanhi Zakura and Mame Zakura born in England, it is quite similar to Kanhi Zakura. Yet, the color is darker pink and the size is smaller comparing to Kanhi Zakura. Okame Zakura bloom a month after Kanhi Zakura and 2 weeks before Somei Yoshino Cherry. 

Where you can see in Tokyo

・Nihonbashi Ajisai Street from mid March 



How do you think about early cherry blossoms? The flowers are usually smaller and darker pink. Comparing to Somei Yoshino cherry blooming time, it blooms from around February when accommodation & flights rates are lower. Cherry blossom spots won’t be too crowded as well. Please consider these early cherry blossoms if you’re planning to visit during this low travel season!